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Media Officers

Club Media Officers

Club Media Officers should liaise closely with their Chairman and Programme Secretary to determine how publicity can best benefit the club.   Look for opportunities to publicise the club in general, and individual meetings and events via any possible media channel:

  • Local press, radio and television
  • Websites – NAFAS, area, club and local community websites
  • Social media
  • Printed fliers
  • Local garden centres, florists, farm shops etc

In conjunction with the club programme secretary ensure the programme is sent to the Club Publicity Coordinator (Tel: 01494 786770 or 07703 184268) or publicising on the area website and in Focal Points.  An incomplete programme may be submitted but please remember to send updates as appropriate.  Use this form to submit your club programme – Club Programme Form

NOTE – it is not sensible to wait for your club AGM before publicising your programme.  Publicity is key.

Remember to include details of any workshops that your club organises – practical activities are a key factor in attracting new members.  Dates for workshops should be listed as soon as possible, with details of particular sessions sent in when available.

Adverts in Focal Points for area and club events cost £5.  Cheques should be made payable to Focal Points and sent to:
Anne Rogers – Treasurer
2 Frimley Close
Woodley, Berkshire, RG5 3AU
Please remember to include all relevant details: what type of event is it; when/where the event will take place; cost of tickets (if applicable) and who to contact to book them, etc.  Remember a picture is worth a thousand words so a flier would be good.

One way of attracting members is to set up your own Website.  This can be done for free using WordPress and BB&O guidelines can be found in the How to set up a WordPress Website.

Another way is to set up a Twitter page.  BB&O guidelines to do this can be found in the How to set up a Twitter Page.

Check your club programme frequently clicking on the Flower Clubs tab and then click on your club.  Also check that your club details are correct on  the NAFAS  website.

Set your Club up on Facebook.  BB&O guidelines can be found in the BB&O Guidelines – facebook v4

You could also set your club up on Pinterest.  See BB&O Guidelines – Pinterest V3 – 18-02-2017

Pass details of your website, twitter, pinterest and facebook pages to Anne Hyde so that icons and links can be added from your club page.

See also BB&O Guidelines – printed publicity material

BB&O guidelines are updated in the light of experience so please pass feedback to:
Shirley Sexton – Tel: 0118 941 2329 or 07766 316 966
Anne Hyde – Tel: 01494 786770 or 07703 184268

With increasing facilities available to everyone to publish photos on websites and social media it is important to obtain permission from demonstrators and teachers before making photos of their designs publicly available.  Liaise with the Programme Secretary to get the demonstrator/teacher to complete a Media Permission Form.

Advertise your club by getting involved with the NAFAS National Day of Flower Arranging.   National Flower Arranging Day Fact Sheet. will give you some information and ideas to help you promote your club.  You can use the NAFAS 2017 Lonely Bouquet tag or create your own club tag.  Why not try asking local supermarkets and florists to donate some flowers to help with the costs – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!