Club Treasurers

Key responsibilities for a Club Treasurer normally included:

  • Managing club finances by receiving income and paying bills via appropriate use of bank accounts.  On-line banking may be used if agreed by the committee
  • Ensuring financial viability of the club and report current status regularly to the rest of the committee
  • Keeping proper records of money coming into and out of the club
  • Arranging for the club accounts to be checked and certified annually by a competent independent examiner and presenting these to the club AGM
  • Ensure affiliation fees are paid to the Area Treasurer annually by 31st March

Affiliation fees must be paid annually by end of March – see Affiliation Fees
Fees payable by end March 2020 include:
NAFAS fee = £6.10 (or 10p for juniors)
BB&O fee = £4
Total fee: £10.10 (including Honorary Members)
Note that due to the impact of coronavirus an extension to the end of June has been granted for 2020.  Also to help clubs cope with the financial impact of the pandemic the 2021 BB&O affiliation fee will be reduced to £2 per member.

Information is required annually by 31st October recording the amount of money the club has contributed to charitable organisations.  Please see Charity Donations.

When paying NAFAS judges, demonstrators, speakers or teachers the programme secretary should have a record of the contract on Part B of the Blue Form.  This should be passed to the treasurer at the time of payment.  For more information on the Blue Form Process please see Club Programme Secretaries.   Reference should be made to NAFAS-Recommended-Mileage-Rates when paying judges, demonstrators, speakers and teachers.  If the cost of fuel should fall below £1.31p per litre, NAFAS recommends that the HMRC approved rate of 45p per mile, is the minimum offered to and claimed by presenters.

More information for Treasurers may be found in the following downloadable NAFAS documents:
NAFAS – The Role of the Club Treasurer – this may be printed 2 pages per sheet and folded to form an A5 booklet.
NAFAS Club Annual Financial Health Check
NAFAS Awards for All (print double-sided, or single sheets placed back-to-back, and fold to form an A5 leaflet)
NAFAS Supplement for Awards for All
NAFAS Insurance Guidelines