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NAFAS publicity – The Power of Flowers

NAFAS have recently issued a publicity article Power of Flowers_3pp.  Please download this and use in any local publications as a means of encouraging new NAFAS members.

NAFAS and BB&O Corona Virus Unlock Guidelines

Please see BBO COVID guidelines – 23 July 2020 issued by BB&O Area on 23 July 2020.

Please see NAFAS – UNLOCK GUIDANCE issued 19th June 2020 and Area D3B Extreme Conditions (1) which replaces the Extreme Weather Guidelines.

Please also keep an eye on BB&O Coronavirus News

BB&O Newsletters

If you have not subscribed to the BB&O Electronic News Service you will have missed the following newsletters, so we are including them here so you can catch up.  Please sign up to receive future newsletters.

August 2020 Newsletter
July 2020 Newsletter
June 2020 Newsletter
May 2020 Newsletter
April 2020 Newsletter

RHS Newsletter and Info for Flower Arranger Reps

See RHS Newsletter – March 2020

Club Flower Arranger Reps should see Flower Arranger Reps for information about the delivery of the summer edition of The Flower Arranger magazine.

March News

Please follow links below to see recently added information:

Area Events has details of the following area events

  • Diamond Dazzler’ interclub competition at Blenheim Palace Flower Show: 26-28 June.
  • Diamonds Boat trip: 15 July
  • Deck the Halls flower festival: 21-22 November

Beyond our Area has details of flower shows and festivals in other NAFAS areas

  • Wessex and Jersey: 20-21 June
  • London and Overseas: 31 July – 2 August
  • Sussex: 20-23 August

Learning/Area and Club Workshops has details of workshops

  • Area workshop on pedestals: 4 April
  • Workshop at Four Ends Flower Club: 12 March

The Admin/Programme Secretaries section of the website has updated information about the complaints and feedback process.

January News

Please follow links below to see recently added information:

Area Events has details of the competitions at the ‘Passage to India’ area day on 27th March.
Also the schedule for the ‘Diamond Dazzler’ interclub competition at the Blenheim Palace Flower Show 26-28 June.
Also dates and preliminary information for other BB&O Diamond Anniversary events.

See Club Treasurers page for the 2020 affiliation form and Club Secretaries page for the updated Club Record Form.  Note this gives advice on posting the form to Shirley Sexton who is temporarily collating such information until we have an area secretary in position.

The Admin section of the website now has a full catalogue of area staging and trophies, plus a separate section with downloadable logo files

Colin Watson

It is with great sadness we report the recent death of Colin Watson.   Colin was the area photography rep for several years, and will always be remembered for work he did setting up the BB&O On-Line Photo Albums.  Colin also served on the national photography committee for several years

Maureen Roughton

Maureen was  a past President of BBandO and sadly she passed away on Saturday 16th November.  Maureen became Chairman in 2000, was Vice President from 2001 – 2003 and President from 2004 – 2007.  The funeral will be private but the memorial service will be held at St Mary’s North Leigh at 2.30pm on Wednesday 4th December.

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