Club Secretaries

Key responsibilities for a Club Secretary normally include:

  • Assembling the Agenda for Committee Meetings (in conjunction with the Chairman), taking minutes at the meetings, and  distributing the agenda and minutes to the Committee
  • Sending and receiving information from the BB&O Area Secretary, and ensuring this information is passed on to other committee members and, where appropriate, to club members.
  • Maintaining a list of club members with relevant contact details, ideally with email addresses
  • Ensuring the Area Secretary is kept up-to-date with all administrative information relating to the club.
  • Booking (often in conjunction with the Treasurer and/or Chairman) venues for meetings and other events
  • In many clubs the Secretary will keep members up-to-date with forthcoming events via a Newsletter or email.

Club Record Form and Data Protection

Club details are held on BB&O and NAFAS databases for administration purposes.  Club Secretaries should complete the online Club Record Form whenever there are changes, and at least annually following their AGM.  Some details are also held on the BB&O and NAFAS websites.  To comply with General Data Protection Regulations  (GDPR) the club secretary should advise  members whose contact data are on the Area or NAFAS websites to complete a GDPR Form for Club Contacts  

Club Awards 

In order to update NAFAS and facilitate appropriate publication of achievements (eg in Focal Points or other news channels) Club Secretaries should submit Club Awards forms as soon as possible after each of the following events.  Note – it is not necessary to complete a form for BB&O Area shows as these results will already be known.
RHS Chelsea Flower Show Awards
RHS Malvern Flower Show Awards
NAFAS Flower Show Awards
Harrogate Flower Show Awards
Other Flower Show Awards

NAFAS Guidelines for Club Secretaries 

The following additional guidelines  from NAFAS for club secretaries may be downloaded and printed 2 pages/sheet and folded to form a booklet

* The Role of Club Secretary
* How to Write Minutes