Club Publications Officers

Key responsibilities for Club Publications Officers normally include:

  • Stocking and managing a club sales table with the volume and type of products agreed by the club committee
  • Collating orders of NAFAS On-Line Shop products from club members and passing the accumulated orders to the Area Publications Officer using the relevant form.   A 5% discount applies on products ordered this way.
  • Passing income from orders to the club treasurer to pass on to the Area Publications Officer as appropriate
  • Taking delivery of the NAFAS products from the Area Publications Officer at area council meetings and passing on to club members as appropriate.

The Area Publications Officer normally purchases products in bulk from NAFAS for sale at Area/Club Meetings and other events, which provides a small percentage profit for the area.

NAFAS 2021 Diaries

2021 Diary
Area council meetings are not currently happening due to the  COVID-19 situation so the range of products, and the order and delivery process are different to normal.

2021 diaries are now available.  The cover is a cheery sunshine yellow colour with a  pleasant soft texture.  Inside the weekly pages have plenty of space and a notes pages on the opposite side. Other useful sections include: Contact pages; Public holidays for the next 5 years; 2022 Forward planner with one page/month and one line/day (including the day of the week).  Altogether a very nice diary..

They cost £4.99 and may be ordered via one of the following routes.

  • Individuals may order a single diary by emailing  A £1.09 package and postage charge will apply
  • If members of your club, or other clubs, would like to get together to order 5 or more then a 15% discount will apply.  Package and postage will apply appropriate to the weight of the package.  To order:  email
  • Clubs in Buckinghamshire, excluding Harmondsworth, will still be able to order via the Area Publications Officers using the BB&O 2020 Christmas Order Form as Irene Richards has very kindly offered to deliver to these clubs.  A 5% discount is applicable to such orders.

Any queries should be directed to Irene Richards, or phone 01844 273 755