Online Learning 

Since the COVID crisis online events using Zoom became popular, and some continue. For help using Zoom, or organising Zoom events see these Zoom Guides:
BBandO Zoom Guide for Participants – 12 October 2020
BBandO Zoom Guide for Organisers – 12 October 2020
NAFAS Zoom Guidelines ver1.2 201117 – NAFAS guidelines on the use of Zoom.

Sustainable, Seasonal  and Sensational Flower Arranging Courses 

Four seasons of six-week courses planned from mid to late May 2024 (excluding July/August)  that are suitable for anyone interested in growing, selecting and arranging flowers.  Each course will cover :

  • seasonal flowers and foliage
  • alternative mechanics
  • principles and elements of design
  • techniques
  • tips on growing, conditioning and choosing plant material.

There will be Zoom tutorials (these are recorded and available to watch outside of the session). There will be weekly practical sessions in groups (depending on numbers) currently this is scheduled for Tuesday and/or Wednesday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm.

Each six-week  course will cost £60 payable in advance.  Costs for your materials should be taken into consideration.

I am passionate about all things seasonal and sustainable and have gained a wealth of knowledge over a long period which I cannot wait to share with you.  There will also be guest tutors and talks from industry specialists.  If you are interested or would like more details please email

Online Mini Teacher Training

One of the key aims of NAFAS is to deliver education.  In BB&O we have many qualified teachers who deliver first class workshops and courses locally and nationally, but we also have many members who just teach the occasional club workshop and this is an equally valuable way of passing on our skills.  To help members deliver such small-scale teaching in a consistent and effective way, NAFAS recently developed the Basic Teaching Course.  This low key course does not lead to a teaching qualification but aims to provide the practical knowledge and skills needed to deliver club level workshops.

The BB&O Area is considering one of these courses to be delivered via Zoom.  There will be two parts: a theory section and a practical session to include a micro teach.

Students will need to purchase the Basic Teaching Manual (£5) downloadable from the NAFAS website, and there may be a nominal charge for our members wishing to attend.  If you are interested, please email  (including your name and telephone number) or phone Jackie Page on 07779 396 325.


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On-Line Tutorials

Christine de Beer