Online Learning 

During the COVID crisis online events using Zoom became popular, and some may continue. For help using Zoom, or organising Zoom events see these Zoom Guides:
BBandO Zoom Guide for Participants – 12 October 2020
BBandO Zoom Guide for Organisers – 12 October 2020
NAFAS Zoom Guidelines ver1.2 201117 – NAFAS guidelines on the use of Zoom.

Christmas is Coming ZOOM Workshop: 8/15th December 

This will be led by Sandie Draper one of our very talented tutors.  The tutorial will be on Thursday 8th December at 7.30 pm, with a review session on Thursday 15th December at 7.03 pm.  The cost will be £8.  Book via 2022 Christmas is Coming ZOOM Workshop Booking Form

A worksheet will be available shortly.





Online Mini Teacher Training

One of the key aims of NAFAS is to deliver education.  In BB&O we have many qualified teachers who deliver first class workshops and courses locally and nationally, but we also have many members who just teach the occasional club workshop and this is an equally valuable way of passing on our skills.  To help members deliver such small-scale teaching in a consistent and effective way, NAFAS recently developed the Basic Teaching Course.  This low key course does not lead to a teaching qualification but aims to provide the practical knowledge and skills needed to deliver club level workshops.

The BB&O Area is considering one of these courses to be delivered via Zoom.  There will be two parts: a theory section and a practical session to include a micro teach.

Students will need to purchase the Basic Teaching Manual (£5) downloadable from the NAFAS website, and there may be a nominal charge for our members wishing to attend.  If you are interested, please email  (including your name and telephone number) or phone Jane Haas on 01884 860 714


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On-Line Tutorials

Christine de Beer