Area Management

The Admin section of this website contains a range of NAFAS and BB&O guidelines and forms to help Club Officers in their respective officer roles.  The Glossary sub-menu defines some of the terms used elsewhere.  Other sub-menus define Area standards and logos and a catalogue of Area staging and trophies.  A full list of forms which should be completed to ensure effective organisation  of the area and its clubs can be found under Forms.


As defined in the BB&O Constitution 2016 the area is managed by Area Officers who constitute the Finance and General Purposes (F&GP) Committee.   The F&GP  committee meets quarterly and report back to area at Area Council Meetings which are normally held in Benson Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson, OX10 6LZ on the first Monday of March, June and September, and the AGM being on a Friday in November.

There is a County Representative for each of our three counties who acts as liaison between clubs in that county and the F&GP committee.

Our JDSE Committee coordinates all activities relating to NAFAS accredited judges, demonstrators, speakers and teachers within our area.  There is a representative for each of these disciplines on the equivalent national standing committee.  The JDSE Committee also organises area day schools, and aspects of area events which relate to JDSE responsibilities.

Our Photography Representative and Junior Liaison Representative represent our area on the equivalent national committee.

Our media team coordinates all activities relating to publicity and communication.

Our Area Chairman acts as our representative on the NAFAS National Advisory Council.

Our Area President acts as a figurehead for the organisation, chairing the AGM and advising officers as required.  The Area Vice-President acts as her deputy.

National Associate of Honour status is a recognition of the significant contribution that people have made to NAFAS in their lives.  Within our area we are pleased to have  three of our past presidents, Betty Treweeke, Elizabeth Gidman and Jane Rowton-Lee as National Associates of Honour.  Jane Rowton-Lee also holds the St Dunstan medal in recognition of her outstanding contribution when she was the NAFAS Coordinator for the flower displays for 10 years in Westminster Abbey.


COVID-19 updates – see COVID-19 Update

Area Council Meetings are normally held 10.30-12.00 on the first Monday in March, June and September, with the AGM on either the 2nd or 3rd Friday in November. They are held in Benson Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson, OX10 6LZ.  Area Officers and Representatives report on news, finances, events and issues.  All members of the area are welcome to attend, but only one member from each club is entitled to vote.

At each Council Meeting club representatives should collect from their appropriate County Rep:  Focal Points for their members and visitors, and any other fliers and information that is available only on paper.  All other correspondence with clubs is via email.   Club Chairmen should display all information on their club noticeboard or pass to the relevant Club Officer as appropriate

Dates for the 2020 Council Meetings are:

  • Monday 2nd March 2020: 10.30-12.00
  • Monday 8th June 2020: 10.30-12.00 (Cancelled due to Coronavirus – pseudo minutes have been circulated)
  • Monday 7th Sep 2020: 10.30-12.00 (Held as a virtual meeting with reports circulated in advance)
  • AGM – Friday 13th November:  See below 

2020 AGM

The 60th AGM will be held via Zoom on Friday 13th November 2020 at 10am 
Please see  BBandO 2020 AGM Agenda and Practicalities
AGM reports will be emailed to clubs, area officers, area representatives, past presidents and past chairman by 30th October.
Clubs are requested to submit their votes using the online form by 6th November.  See 2020 AGM for the form and further information. 
Clubs will be allowed to change their vote if new information comes to light at the meeting.

Council agendas and minutes are emailed to each club, and to all area officers and representatives.  Individuals may request email copies by completing this form:


BBandO Data Protection Policy – August 2018  describes how the Area complies with the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  This will be reviewed by the F&GP committee annually.

GDPR Form for officers etc should be completed by all Area Officers, Representatives and others whose contact details are on the area and/or NAFAS websites to confirm that their contact details can be published.  Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Teachers should also complete this form.

GDPR Form for Club Contacts should be completed by all club officers and members whose details are shared on the area and/or NAFAS websites.


When planning events we often wish we knew of skills and assets that area members my have, but do not think to mention.  Thus we are trying to create a register (which will only be held by the area secretary) that we could refer to from time to time.  Please see Skills Register Request for examples and email relevant information to  Area Secretary


A Club Officers Day (COD) is held approximately every three years to assist Club Officers and provide a forum for learning and discussion.  The last COD, entitled ‘Let’s Communicate’ was held on Thursday 16th March 2017.  To see the full Powerpoint presentation from that day go to Club Officers Day 2017