Data Protection Agreement Form

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (recently referred to a GDPR) this form should be completed by individuals whose data is held and used by the BB&O Area of NAFAS.  It includes:

  • Area officers, area representatives or others involved in adhoc area activities such as event committees.
  • Club officers and other club contacts, such as those whose details appear on this website
  • Individuals who are on the BB&O JDSE List (aka Pink List).  This includes judges, demonstrators, speakers and teachers who are qualified at national or area level or in training.

The form defines what/how personal data may be used.  By completing this form you are agreeing that your information can be shared or made visible as appropriate.  It should be done at least once every three years, or whenever there are changes in circumstance,

Details submitted via the form are stored on the Area Database, which is used only for effective management of the BB&O Area and NAFAS.  Individuals may request to see their personal data on the database by emailing Area Secretary

Personal Details

Data Visibility/Use