Flower Arranger Representatives

Key responsibilities for Club Flower Arranger Representatives include:

  • * Promoting the magazine to your members.  Download this flier for printing and putting on noticeboards.
  • * Collating orders from club members and passing the accumulated orders to the Area Flower Arranger Representative using the Online Flower Arranger Order Form
  • * Arranging payment for the collated orders to the Area Flower Arranger Representative according to the Online Flower Arranger Order Form
  • * Taking delivery of the Flower Arranger magazines and distributing them to members as appropriate.

For more details see Guidelines for Flower-Arranger Reps – May 2020 

Please see 2021 Letter to CPOs from the area Flower Arranger Rep, Sheila Williams.

Order and Delivery Dates

Please refer to the table below for dates for last order amendments and delivery dates.   Please place your orders by clicking on Online Flower Arranger Order Form.

Winter 2021 - order amendment deadline20 Aug 2021
Winter 2021 delivery8 Oct 2021
Spring 2022 edition - order deadline15 Nov 2021
Spring 2022 delivery13 Jan 2022
Summer 2022 - order amendment deadline18 Feb 2022
Summer 2022 delivery6 April 2022
Autumn 2022 - order amendment deadline19 May 2022
Autumn 2022 delivery7 July 2022
Winter 2022 - order amendment deadline17 Aug 2022
Winter 2022 delivery6 Oct 2022

Two attempts will be made to deliver to your Club Flower Arranger Representative.  To arrange an alternative delivery address for specific issues, please contact Sheila Williams, Tel: 01189 403587).  Please remember to count the number of delivered copies as soon as they arrive and report back immediately if you have not received enough.

SPECIAL OFFER for Back Copies

Back Copies of the Flower Arranger Magazine are available in mixed packs of 10 for £10 or 25 for £13, delivered direct to your Flower Arranger Rep.   These can be used for inclusion in “Welcome Packs” for new members or for promotional purposes. If you would like to order some, please email Sheila Williams,