Club Management

For information about management in the BB&O Area see Area Management


Clubs are managed according to their own constitution by their elected committee, usually consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Programme Secretary, plus any other roles deemed appropriate.  With the increasing difficulty in finding volunteers to serve on a committee there is a tendency in many clubs for one person to hold more than one office, although it is not advisable for the same person to be Chairman and Treasurer.  In many clubs a role may be shared by more than one person – two heads are better than one!  Some clubs operate on a management team basis.

Many clubs have a President whose role is to act as a figurehead for the club, advising officers when asked.  The President would not normally attend committee meetings unless invited by the Chairman, but would normally chair the AGM.

Club details (name, meeting times, venue, number of members etc) plus contact details for the key Club Officers are maintained by the Area Secretary on the BB&O area database.  These details are also passed to NAFAS.  Please see the Secretaries page for details of the importance and process for maintaining the area database.

Data Protection

Clubs need to define their own policy and processes to demonstrate how they comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (recently referred to as GDPR). BBandO Data Protection Guidelines for Clubs – 2021-05-25 provides help on how this may be achieved.

A BB&O Data Protection Agreement Form should be completed by all club officers or management team individuals whose details are defined on their Club Record Form, which must include those contact information is published on this website.

Guidelines and Processes for Club Management

See Guidelines, Policies and Processes for guidelines and processes relevant to club management.  However it is worth noting that many of the NAFAS guidelines were produced some time ago and not guaranteed to be up to date, so it may be more useful to search for appropriate information on the internet..

Club Officers Day

A Club Officers Day (COD) is held approximately every three years to assist Club Officers and provide a forum for learning and discussion.  Notes from the last COD held on Thursday 16th March 2017, including the PowerPoint presentation can be found at 2017 Club Officers Day Notes.