Club Record Form

The form below is used to collect data about clubs, their elected officers or management team and other contacts.  This information is held and used solely for administrative/management purposes in accordance with the published BB&O Flowers Area of NAFAS Data Protection Policy see Area Management.

The Club Secretary should complete this form, with permission from the relevant club officers or management team members, whenever changes occur, and always after a Club AGM. Information should be entered as N/C if there is no change, or N/A if not applicable.  Before completing the form email the Area Secretary to ask for a copy of the existing club record.  This means many fields can probably be completed as N/C (No Change) or N/A (Not Applicable) rather than entering full data.

Section 1 covers basic information about the club.  NOTE – the number of members MUST match the number of members you pay for in your affiliation fees.

Section 2 covers email addresses to which club correspondence should be sent.  Each club has a generic email address which is used on club webpages, and by the area secretary to send out information.  Emails to these generic addresses will be automatically forwarded to the addresses supplied in the ‘Mail Forwarding‘ fields.  Clubs are required to identify at least 2 email addresses. Once the updates submitted via this form have been acknowledged by the Area Secretary it is advisable to check correct mail forwarding by clicking on the relevant link on the club webpage.

Section 3 covers key club officers or members of the management team.  

Section 4 covers individuals whose contact details are publicly visible on club pages of this website. 

All  individuals identified on the Club Record Form must complete a Data Protection Agreement Form.

Section 1 - Basic Club Information

Section 2 - Email addresses to which club correspondence should be forwarded

Section 3 - Key officers or management team members

Section 4 - Members whose contact details are on the website

They should complete a Data Protection Agreement Form to agree which details are visible