Below is a list of Administrative forms that should be completed by area and club officers or members at appropriate times for effective operation of the organisation.  Booking forms for events can be found in the relevant part of the Whats On section of the website..

Area Officers, Area Reps, Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers, Judges and others on area teams
Data Protection Agreement (Online)

Club Officers and Club Contacts on Website
The following form should be submitted by all club officers and contacts whose details are on this website.
Data Protection Agreement (Online)

Club Secretaries
Club Record Form (online) to be completed annually after the club AGM or other times if changes occur
The following Club Award Forms should be completed for each major show when club members receive an award:
RHS Chelsea Flower Show Awards (Online)
RHS Malvern Flower Show Awards (Online)
NAFAS Flower Show Awards (Online)
Harrogate Flower Show Awards (Online)
Other Flower Show Awards (Online)

Club Treasurers
Affiliation Fees (Online) to be completed annually by 31 March.
Charity Donations (Online) to be completed annually by 31 October

Club Programme Secretaries
Blue Forms Request (Online) – to request blue forms via post or at an area council meeting
BB&O Demonstrator Feedback (Online)
BB&O Judge Feedback (Online)
BB&O Speaker Feedback (Online)
BB&O Teacher Feedback (Online)

Club Media Officers

No current forms

Club Publications Officers
No current forms

Club Flower Arranger Reps 
Flower Arranger Order Form (Online) to be submitted  annually by 15 November for full year orders,
or by dates published on the Flower Arranger Reps page for additional orders.

Club Closure
In the sad situation that your club is in danger of closing please complete a Club Closure Form as a way of informing Area officers so we can see if there is any way the Area could help to avoid this situation.  Please do not delay doing this until closure is inevitable.