Affiliation Fees Form

Affiliation fees are to be paid annually by the end of June. Failure to pay affiliation fees will result in clubs being de-affiliated so will not be covered by the area insurance policy.
Fees payable for 2023 for adult members (including honorary members) are £9.50 and for juniors the fee is £0.10.  Total affiliation fees are made up of:
–  NAFAS fee = £7.50  OR  10p for juniors
–  BB&O fee = £2 (free for juniors).
The number of members is based on how many members (including honorary members) your club had just before your last AGM.

Please use the form below to record affiliation fee details. Following submission of your record:
a)  You should receive an acknowledgement email that your form was successfully submitted.  This includes information on how to make payment
b)  Once the Area Treasurer has checked your input she will send an email confirming the form has been completed correctly
c)  Then you should make the payment and (if you wish) print off the email reply.

Note that this form is only a record of details.  It does not constitute payment.
 If paying by cheque please write ‘AFFILIATION FEES’ and your club name on the back of the cheque and post to:
Alison Vacher, 1 Emmbrook Vale, Wokingham, RG41 1PW
– If paying by Online Bank Transfer please include ‘AFFILIATION FEES’ and your club name in the bank transfer reference and pay to:
BB&O Area of NAFAS, Account: 10281169, Sort code: 60-24-21