What’s new recently on this Website

This page has been introduced in November 2020 as part of a significant enhancement to the website.

It is a summary of recent updates, which will be updated whenever new information is added to the website. Follow the links to find the full information.

This should save you having to keep looking in different places to see what’s changed.

Wessex and Jersey Videos

See Online Events for details of 5 free online videos which Wessex and Jersey Area have planned on five consecutive Saturdays starting 21st November. 

Post AGM Updates

  • Autumn Antics winners and Area Trophy winners are listed on the Area News page
  • Information about the ‘Tis the Season’ virtual flower festival are on the Area News and Area Photo Events pages
  • Contact pages for the Area Media Team and  Area JDSE Team have been updated
  • The Affiliation fee form accessible via the Treasurers and Forms pages has been updated to reflect the agreed affiliation fees for 2021

Significant Improvements in November 2020

There is a new Home page introducing clearer and more visually pleasing links to the key sections of this website,

The News section (of which this page is a part) has been split into a number of different pages making it easier to find news specific to separate organisations:  BB&O, NAFAS and Other Organisations.  The Newsletter Service page is subsection within News and includes the registration form and back copies of the electronic newsletters, including the most recent  November 2020 Newsletter.  Old news, including for example, winners of past shows, can be found it the Archive News section.

There is a new Search facility on the menu bar which allows case insensitive searching.

The Whats On menu has been reinstated and includes

  • Online Events which lists all area and club  Zoom demonstrations and workshops
  • Area Photo Events which gives details of the area photo projects organised by the area during the COVID crisis
  • Beyond our Area – 2021 which include dates and links for major national events

The new BBandO Zoom Guide for Participants and BBandO Zoom Guide for Organisers can be found via the Online Events page.

Details regarding the Zoom 2020 AGM on 13th November are on the 2020 AGM page.

The Publications menu has been changed to include details of all publications on one page.  The Publications submenus have been removed, but it is easy to jump to sections within the page.  This page includes details about how to order NAFAS 2021 diaries

The Admin menu now includes a page listing all downloadable and online Forms which are relevant to club and area administration. 

The Learning section has been renamed Education to tie in with NAFAS terminology and has been significantly updated to reflect the new mode of delivering workshops via Zoom. It links to Online Events

The Links menu has been changed to include all links on one page.  The Links submenus have been removed, but it is easy to jump to sections within the page.