Area News

This page contains latest, and some archive, news relating specifically to the Berks Bucks and Oxon Area of NAFAS.  Note that due to the ever changing content of this website, some links for old news may not work, but the news is kept for historical purposes.

News from the 61st BB&O AGM – 12th November 2021

The ongoing COVID pandemic, coupled with major building work at Benson Parish Hall, meant the 61st Area AGM was once again held via Zoom. Reports were sent out in advance. and the online voting form was completed by 30 clubs.  50 members attended the Zoom meeting, including representatives from  30 clubs, and most area officers and reps.  The following area trophies were awarded.  The trophies were shown on Zoom and will be awarded personally the next time there is a practical council meeting.

There had been 6 worthy nominations for the Penelope Everett Member of the Year Trophy for the member who has ‘gone above and beyond’ to support their club and/or area.  After due consideration by our Area President and Area Vice Chairman the trophy was awarded to Ann Dawson for her outstanding work for Bladon and Woodstock Flower Club.  She took over as chairman just as COVID hit and she has worked hard to ensure the club, not just kept going, but thrived in these very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately neither Ann, nor any other representative from Bladon and Woodstock attended the Zoom AGM but the trophy will be presented at the next area council meeting.

The Heather Barber Rose Bowl for the club which donated the most money to charity was awarded to Phoenix Design.  They raised £100 for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and £100 for the Thames Valley Hospice.

The Flower Arranger Platter for the Club Flower Arranger Rep who has been most successful in increasing the number of orders in 2021 was awarded to Hilary Arafeh from Holyport Flower Club.

Jane Haas announced that the Diane Gill award would not be awarded this year as there have been so few opportunities to showcase our work. Also the criteria for this award will be changed slightly for next year to make it more open to all designers.  For 2022 there would be a new award called The Chairman’s Choice. The trophy for this award has come from Maidenhead Flower Club.  It will be awarded to anyone who has come to the attention of the area chairman for work for their club, area or nationally.

As Chris Pearce is now chairman of Abingdon Flower Club she has relinquished her role as Oxon Rep so this role is now vacant.  All other area officers and repre

Jane announced that at the 2022 AGM some new area officers would be required.  The aim is to ask clubs and members for nominations for these posts very soon so that individuals have the opportunity to shadow the existing officers.

  • Jane Haas comes to the end of her term of office as area chairman in 2022.  Maureen Preston will then become chairman so a new vice-chairman will be needed.
  • Alison Vacher comes to the end of her term of office as area treasurer in 2022 so a replacement will be needed
  • Shirley Sexton will be stepping down as Media Officer so a replacement is needed.  Shirley has served as Media Officer since the role was officially designated in 2013, having actually been responsible for the area website since 2007.

Oct 2021 – New Area Bank Details 

The area now has transferred its bank account from HSBC to NAT WEST.  Recently made payments will be transferred to the new account, but if you have any queries please email
Account Name: BB&O Area of NAFAS
Account Number: 10281169
Sort code: 60-24-21

This is particularly relevant to:

  • Club treasurers when paying affiliation fees
  • Club Flower Arranger reps when ordering bulk copies of the magazine for their clubs
  • Club Publications Officers when ordering NAFAS products via the Area Publications Officer
  • Any individual booking a place on any area event such as area workshops, area events etc

Oct 2021 – Area AGM, 2022 events and Club Officer Workshops

The area AGM will take place via Zoom on Friday 11th November at 10.30am.  Full details are available at AGM 2021 Anyone (including area officers and reps, past presidents etc) wishing to join the meeting should register via AGM 2021 Zoom Registration. The link will only be sent to those who have registered.  Remember more than one person can join from a single location as a single Zoom participant.

Several events have been planned for 2022 – see Area Events

A series of FREE Zoom workshops have been planned to help club officers or management teams run a successful club. See Run a Successful Club Workshops.   Anyone can attend, and clubs are encouraged to send at least one participant to each Zoom workshop.

Sep 2021 Snippets

We are delighted to announce that Irene Manson has been awarded the prestigious National Associate of Honour status by NAFAS.  She will be presented with her badge in October at the time of the NAFAS AGM.  Irene has done so much for NAFAS and the Area that it is good to see her efforts recognised with this accolade.

The area will be running a basic teaching course to help club members, demonstrators etc improve their teaching skills.  If you are interested please click  Area Chairman  to request more information.

Zoom Workshop Autumn Programme

See Online Events for details of the Autumn Online Workshop programme.

See Programme Secretaries Workshop Booking Form for details of a workshop on 13th October to help programme secretaries and other club officers/members regarding how to manage and deal with the practicalities of booking a programme.  This workshop has been established in response to various requests from clubs and individuals.

Celebration Teas – September and October 

See Area Events for details of three afternoon tea events (one in each of our counties) to celebrate easing of COVID restrictions and our belated diamond anniversary.

Exhibiting and Education News 

In May our BB&O Judges Rep, Sheila Williams, delivered a very informative talk On with the Shows to inspire members to stage and enter shows when these are able to resume post-COVID.   For more information see Exhibiting and BBandO Show Tips which gives a concise set of informative tips for those entering and organising competitive shows.

BB&O have some money donated by recently closed clubs to be used for educational purposes.  This is likely to be used to run a course to help club members, demonstrators etc improve their teaching skills.  If you are interested please download Basic Teaching Course Letter 2021-05-14

Zooming out of Lockdown:  May/June Online Events

BB&O’s latest programme of events for members in May and June includes one workshop (fee £3) and two free talks.  Non-BB&O members may apply for  workshops for a nominal fee of £5.  See Online Events for more information.

Keep Calm and Keep Zooming:  April/May Online Events

BB&O announces the next programme of online events: one workshop and one demonstration per month in April and May.  See Online Events for more information.  Please note there will be a £3 charge for each event.

BB&O New Photo Events and Better Photos Workshop

See Photo Events for details of the 2021 area photo events.  Time to get creative in the Valentine Time and Easter Bonnet projects.

New online workshop announced (8th Feb at 7.30pm and review on 15th February at 7.30pm) to help members take better photos of their designs – see Photo Events and Photo Workshop Booking Form

BB&O Zooming into Spring – Online Events

Following the success of Zooming through Winter, the area has now organised a Zooming into Spring programme of online workshops and demonstrations. See Online Events for more information.