AGM 2023 Agenda

Agenda for the 63rd BB&O AGM to be held on Friday 20th October 2022 at 10.30am at Benson Parish Hall, Benson, Oxfordshire, OX10 6LZ

Click on BBandO 2023 AGM Agenda for a downloadable, printable version of the agenda:

  1. Welcome by Area Chairman. Hand over to meeting chairman (Area President)
  2. Apologies and roll call
  3. Minutes of 62nd AGM * Approval required and Matters Arising
  4. Area Officer/Representative Reports (updates to reports already circulated)
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer * Approval required for Accounts, Affiliation fees, Honoraria, Auditor
  • Media Officer
  • JDSE Officer
  • Publications Officer
  • Flower Arranger Representative
  1. Appointment of Area Officers for 2023/2024* Approval required for each
  • Area Chairman
  • Area Vice Chairman
  • Area Secretary
  • Area Treasurer
  • Area Media Officer
  • JDSE Officer
  • Area Publications Officer
  1. Appointment of other Area Positions for 2023/2024 * Approval required
  • Flower Arranger Representative
  1. Appointment of President and Vice President
  2. AOB – Only topics pre-advised by 15th October

Voting for each item marked * Approval Required can be made in advance (1 vote per club) using the form on AGM 2023

AGM to be followed by brief council meeting

  1. Minutes of September Council Meeting and Matters Arising
  2. Area Chairman’s Report
  3. Area Treasurer’s Report

Vote of Thanks