Club Meetings 2024

Listed below are demonstrations and workshops that are being held in the area by month.  Please note that some are via Zoom:
(T) indicates tickets are required.  Visitors most welcome.
** indicates the meeting is at a different venue to the normal monthly meeting
Further details on the relevant club page or Club Special Events page

March DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
5Carol BennettDemonstrationTo be confirmedRoyal Windsor
5Lorena Dyer (National)DemonstrationAre you Sitting ComfortablyStony Stratford
5Bev ShortDemonstrationA Touch of SpringBourne End
6Lisa GreenDemonstrationSeasonal DelightsCotswold Flower Club
7To be confirmedWorkshopLine Dancing - Parallel DesignsTwyford & Ruscombe Floral Art Club
7Stephanie CornellDemonstrationA Few of my Favourite ThingsBramley and Romans Floral Society
11Sue BlandfordDemonstrationTouching the RainbowBladon and Woodstock
13Alison GillottDemonstrationA Walk on the Wild SideBracknell
14Lorraine Saunders WorkshopTo be confirmedDesign Scents
20Carol GoldingDemonstrationA Rummage Through the China CupboardGerrards Cross
20Janice TattersdillDemonstrationFlowers at the PalaceEarley and District
25Gill McGregorDemonstrationMarch MayhemAylesbury
25Stephen McDonnellDemonstrationJust in the MomentThames Valley
26Jackie PageDemonstrationConnectionsBicester Floral Club
28Stephanie CornellDemonstrationA Few of My Favourite ThingsFour Ends
28Helen TempleIn House WorkshopTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
28Mig KimptonDemonstrationIn the Potting ShedOxford
April DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
2Liz RobertsonWorkshopPaper FlowersRoyal Windsor
2Gill MillsDemonstrationA New Lease of LifeStony Stratford
2Helen TempleDemonstrationMy Family and those AnimalsAbingdon
4Graham KingDemonstrationInspirationalTwyford & Ruscombe Floral Art Club
4Jane BlecherWorkshopTo be confirmedBramley and Romans Floral Society
8Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationFlowers through the AgesBladon and Woodstock
10Hands On / TeachingBracknell
17Alison MountDemonstrationInspirationsGerrards Cross
17Melanie SmithDemonstrationPretty as a PictureEarley and District
22Fiona HarrisonDemonstrationThe Golden Age of Ocean TravelChalfont
22Jackie PageDemonstrationFlower ArrangerFinchampstead
25Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationMore Magic MomentsFour Ends
25Angela TurnerWorkshopBotanical TapestryPhoenix Design
25Rekha NaidooDemonstrationInspirations of IndiaOxford
29Anna StevenDemonstrationDo you see what I seeAylesbury
29Katherine KearDemonstrationDoofersThames Valley
May DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
1Christine RamseyDemonstrationHome Grown or Flower PowerCotswold Flower Club
2Caroline GoldingDemonstrationA Rummage through the China CupboardBramley and Romans Floral Society
7Kathryn AustinDemonstrationGemsRoyal Windsor
7Jackie PageDemonstrationFlights of FancyStony Stratford
7Catherine HolnessDemonstrationNo Foam! Whatever Next!Bourne End
7Elizabeth WaiteDemonstrationWhat a SurpriseAbingdon
8Lucy Ellis (N)Demonstration and Club Anniversary LunchLimelightGerrards Cross
8Hands On / TeachingBracknell
13Emma RemingtonDemonstrationTricks of the TradeBladon and Woodstock
20Stephanie CornellDemonstrationView from my WindowAylesbury
20Jane EllisDemonstrationShed ShuffleChalfont
23Vivien WithersDemonstrationFocus on FloraFour Ends
23Jennifer Allen ThompsonDemonstrationA Good ReadOxford
28Helen TempleDemonstrationMy Family and those AnimalsBicester Floral Club
30Jane BelcherWorkshopTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
June DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
4Lee BerrillDemonstrationRemember WhenStony Stratford
4Vivien WithersDemonstrationMy Floral JourneyBourne End
6Claire BryantDemonstrationUnder the InfluenceTwyford & Ruscombe Floral Art Club
6Sandie DraperDemonstrationInspired by NatureBramley and Romans Floral Society
12Caroline GoldingDemonstrationA Rummage through the China CupboardBracknell
19Gill McGregorDemonstrationPetal ProfusionGerrards Cross
24Susan TausigDemonstrationFloral CocktailsChalfont
24Christine LongDemonstrationLoosely Round the Solar SystemAylesbury
24Jennifer ThompsonDemonstrationA Good ReadFinchampstead
24Erica CunninghamDemonstrationJune is Busting Out All OverThames Valley
25Chritine RamseyDemonstrationFlower PowerBicester Floral Club
27Jennifer ThompsonDemonstrationA Good ReadFour Ends
27Kim WrightWorkshopTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
July DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
2Jackie PageDemonstrationThe Flower ArrangerRoyal Windsor
2Becky Webb of Pink Welly PosiesDemonstrationSustainable Arrangements using Locally Sourced FlowersStony Stratford
2Robin WhiteDemonstrationLooking BackBourne End
2Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationAll Kinds of EverythingAbingdon
4Kathryn Austin-GoddardDemonstrationSix of the BestBramley and Romans Floral Society
8Nadira BurkeDemonstrationA New DawnBladon and Woodstock
10Stephanie CornellDemonstrationView from my WindowBracknell
11Diane NormanWorkshopTo be confirmedDEsign Scents
17Linda SeabrookDemonstrationGreen Finger Flower ArrangerGerrards Cross
17Nadira BurkiDemonstrationA New DawnEarley and District
22Maddie BradleyDemonstrationThe Splender of the SeasonChalfont
22Vijay BhatiaDemonstrationInspired byFinchampstead
25Gill McGregorDemonstration and Club Mini ShowTo be confirmedFour Ends
25Vijay BhatiaDemonstrationOut of AfricaOxford
29Jane EllisDemonstrationShed ShuffleAylesbury
29Rosemary KerrDemonstrationThese Boots were made for WalkingThames Valley
August DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
1Graham KingDemonstrationInspirationalBramley and Romans Floral Society
6Nick GroundsDemonstrationStems and StuffAbingdon
19Bev ShortDemonstrationLazy Days of SummerAylesbury
September DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
3Eleanor DeamDemonstrationMy AllotmentRoyal Windsor
3Margaret Rumens (N)DemonstrationAnything GoesStony Stratford
3Lee BerrillDemonstrationAutumn TapestryBourne End
4Elaine StonerDemonstrationFor One Day OnlyCotswold Flower Club
5Stephanie CornellWorkshopTo be confirmedBramley and Romans Floral Society
5Carol BennettDemonstrationAutumn DelightsTwyford & Ruscombe Floral Art Club
11Hands On / TeachingBracknell
12Gill McGregorWorkshopTo be confirmedDEsign Scents
18Sue WallDemonstrationReuse and RecycleGerrards Cross
18Erica BramblesDemonstrationHe's getting Married in the MorningEarley and District
23Beverley ShortDemonstrationA Traveller's TaleChalfont
23Caroline GoldingDemonstrationThe Book ShelfFinchampstead
24Fiona HarrisonDemonstrationThe Golden Age of Ocean TravelBicester Floral Club
26Catherine HolnessDemonstrationNo Foam! Whatever Next!Four Ends
26Alison MountDemonstrationAn Artist's PaletteOxford
30Tony BrownDemonstrationMy Floral FiestaAylesbury
30Lucy EllisDemonstrationLimelightThames Valley
October DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
1Club MembersWorkshopTo be confirmedRoyal Windsor
1Alison SuffolkDemonstrationSimply FlowersStony Stratford
1Anna StevenDemonstrationNew HorizonsBourne End
1Stephanie CornellDemonstrationA View from my WindowAbingdon
3Alison GillottDemonstrationA Pocketful of PosiesBramley and Romans Floral Society
3Alison GillottDemonstrationSweet ToothTwyford & Ruscombe Floral Art Club
14Emma - Signature FlowersDemonstrationTo be confirmedBladon and Woodstock
16Lynne SharpDemonstrationCar Boot CollectionGerrards Cross
26Christine PearceDay SchoolAutumn GloryBracknell
28Mig KimptonDemonstrationAutumn Floral TreatsChalfont
28Kathryn AustinDemonstrationSix of the BestFinchampstead
28Val TrubyDemonstrationSeasonal TouchesAylesbury
28Sally TaylorDemonstrationSallying Forth Once MoreThames Valley
November DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
5Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationFlowers through the AgesRoyal Windsor
5Fiona HarrisonDemonstrationCountdown to ChristmasBourne End
7Carolyn VanstoneDemonstrationCartoon CapersBramley and Romans Floral Society
7Morgan Douglas NuthOpen Meeting - DemonstrationA Life of Flowers and Laughter too!Twyford & Ruscombe Floral Art Club
13Graham KingDemonstrationHow BizarreBracknell
14Lisa DancerWorkshopTo be confirmedDEsign Scents
15Lucy EllisOpen Evening - DemonstrationBrightly ShoneFinchampstead
16Liz PelleyChristmas WorkshopTo be confirmedBramley and Romans Floral Society
20Sandie DraperDemonstrationSeasonal SplendourGerrards Cross
20Jackie PageDemonstrationJingle all the WayEarley and District
25Linda KingcottAGM and Demonstration It Started with the Yule LogChalfont
25Graham KingDemonstrationAll that GlittersAylesbury
25Lucinder KnapmanDemonstrationDreaming of ChristmasThames Valley
26Nick Grounds (National)DemonstrationJingle a Partridge with TinselStony Stratford
28Gill McGregorDemonstrationChristmas Cheer and FlairOxford
28To be confirmedChristmas DemonstrationTo be confirmedBicester Floral Club
28Christine LongDemonstrationAre You Sitting ComfortablyFour Ends
December DemonstratorMeetingTitleClub
3Stephanie CornellDemonstrationChristmas WorkshopRoyal Windsor
3Vanessa WellockDemonstrationTo be confirmedBourne End
4Arnaud MetaireDemonstrationFestival Floral FantasyBladon and Woodstock
5Jackie PageDemonstrationJingle all the WayBramley and Romans Floral Society
10Arnaud MetaireDemonstrationTo be confirmedAbingdon
12Kathryn AustinDemonstrationMerry and BrightFour Ends