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Club Secretaries

Key responsibilities for a Club Secretary normally include:

  • Assembling the Agenda for Committee Meetings (in conjunction with the Chairman), taking minutes at the meetings, and  distributing the agenda and minutes to the Committee
  • Sending and receiving information from the BB&O Area Secretary, and ensuring this information is passed on to other committee members and, where appropriate, to club members.
  • Maintaining a list of club members with relevant contact details, ideally with email addresses
  • Ensuring the Area Secretary is kept up-to-date with all administrative information relating to the club.
  • Booking (often in conjunction with the Treasurer and/or Chairman) venues for meetings and other events
  • In many clubs the Secretary will keep members up-to-date with forthcoming events via a Newsletter or email.

Club Record Form

Details of Club Officers are held on BB&O and NAFAS databases for administration purposes.  Club Secretaries are required to submit a BB&O Club Record Form  whenever there are changes, and at least annually following their AGM.  They may be returned by post or via email to BB&O Area Secretary.  If sending by email, please use the Subject CLUB UPDATE.   To make it easy for members of the public to communicate directly with clubs, email addresses and phone numbers are being made available on individual club pages. This information should be recorded on the Club Record Form.

Club Secretaries should complete the BB&O Club Awards Form 2017 and return by post or email  by post or via email (by 12th November 2017) to BB&O Area Secretary..

The following additional guidelines from NAFAS may be downloaded and printed 2 pages/sheet and folded to form a booklet

* The Role of Club Secretary
* How to Write Minutes