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Programme Secretaries

Club Programme Secretaries

The role of Club Programme Secretary is very important.  Without an interesting programme a club will very likely fail to maintain and attract members.

Where there is a reference on this page to ‘demonstrator’ it should be taken to include speakers, judges and teachers where appropriate.

Key responsibilities for a Club Programme Secretary normally include:

  • Agreeing with the Club Committee the type, format and outline budget for club activities for the following year.  This includes checking availability and booking (possibly via the Club Secretary or Treasurer) venues on relevant dates.
  • Finding demonstrators, speakers, judges and teachers (JDSE) on agreed dates.
  • Booking NAFAS JDSE personnel via a Blue Form
  • Agreeing and confirming by phone, post or email the practical details regarding the event, eg provision of foliage, refreshments, arrival time, parking etc.
  • Arranging appropriate hosting activities to look after the demonstrator


Planning a club programme should begin at least 18 months in advance.  National demonstrators are very busy in November and December so it is advisable to make these bookings 2 years in advance.

Aim for a varied programme: demonstrations, practical sessions, social sessions and outings.  Workshops outside the normal club meetings are a good way of attracting new members, especially if appropriately publicised.

Liaise with the committee to determine the budget for types of meeting, eg maximum flower allowance, how much the club can afford to spend on travel expenses and fees.  NAFAS guidelines for flower allowance for 2019-20 is £120. 

National demonstrators are usually more expensive so consider designating these as open meetings (where tickets are sold) or charging a supplement for a national demonstrator.


Blue Forms are 3-part forms which represent the contractual commitment between your club and a NAFAS Demonstrator.  They must be completed on paper as they are not available electronically.  They are only for use with NAFAS demonstrators, speakers, judges and teachers, and not for any other personnel your club may use.

The Blue Form Process is:

  1. The programme secretary completes Part A then sends the full form to the judge, demonstrator, speaker or teacher
  2. The judge, demonstrator, speaker or teacher tears off and retains Part A, then completes Part B and sends this (with Part C) back to the programme secretary
  3. The programme secretary retains Part B, then completes Part C and returns this to the judge, demonstrator, speaker or teacher.  At this point there is a binding contract between the club and the judge, demonstrator, speaker or teacher
  4. Any change of information on either part should be notified to the other ASAP
  5. At the time of the event the programme secretary should give Part B to the club treasurer who should use this as the basis for payment to the judge, demonstrator, speaker or teacher.  Part C remains the property of the judge, demonstrator, speaker or teacher

Programme secretaries should request blue forms by emailing Area Secretary with the subject heading BLUE FORMS and the number required.  Please do not put any other requests on this email as they may be overlooked.  OR telephone on 01865 862776.  Remember to include your club name.

Normally blue forms will be put in your club envelope at Council meetings, which any club member may attend. If you urgently need blue forms before the next Council meeting, please send a SAE C5  envelope (not more than 24cms long and 16.5cm wide) to:
Anne Fearn, 11, Halls Close, Oxford, OX2 9HR
Up to 12 blue forms, folded in half, will be posted this way.

If you would like >12 forms or for the forms to be unfolded you will need to send a LARGE envelope (not more than 35.3 cm long and 25cn wide) with a ‘Large’ stamp on it.
Note June 2019 postal rates and thickness allowed:
LETTER                                                     Weight            First class        Second class
Less than 24 x 16.5 cms                     100g                     70p                       61p
0.5 cms thick
Less than  35.3 x 25 cms                     100g                     £1.06p                  83p
2.5cms thick

National and Area Lists.  Contact details for national JDSE personnel are available in the National List which is provided as a NAFAS booklet biennially to every club chairman.  Supplements are issued electronically via the area secretary in intervening years.  The 2017 Supplement to the National List is also available to download on the Members Area of the NAFAS website – please ask the Area Secretary for the password. The back of the National List also contains contact details for each NAFAS area describing how their area lists may be obtained.  If you have not received a copy of the National List you need to ask your chairman – the most recent is mauve and dated 2016-17.

Full contact details for BB&O Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Teachers List (also known as the Pink List) are emailed to nominated club email contacts twice a year, or can be requested from Jane Haas (Tel: 0118 984 1212).  Some JDSE contact details may be found under the Contacts area of this website.

Lists of Demonstrators, Judges and Speakers for some areas can be found by clicking on the links below if you need ideas for Demonstrators or contact details:
BBandO Area of NAFAS
Devon and Cornwall Area of NAFAS
Kent Area of NAFAS
Mercia and North Wales Area of NAFAS
North Midlands Area of NAFAS
South Midlands Area of NAFAS
South West Area of NAFAS
Surrey Area of NAFAS
Sussex Area of NAFAS

Feedback (positive and negative) on BB&O demonstrators, speakers, teachers and judges should regularly be made using the following forms:

In the event of a complaint about a BB&O demonstrator being necessary the BB&O Complaints Procedure should be followed.  Complaints about a national demonstrator, judge, speaker or teacher should be referred to the chairman of the relevant national standing committee as listed on the NAFAS website.  For feedback procedures in other NAFAS areas please refer to the relevant area website.

Further information for programme secretaries is available in:


Key aspects of looking after your demonstrator include:

  • At the time of sending Part A of the Blue Form it is advisable to confirm arrangements made verbally regarding venue and its facilities and any other agreements.
  • Three weeks before the meeting send directions and confirm additional arrangements, eg expected arrival time; parking; any current traffic restrictions; provision of refreshments, foliage etc
  • Ensure a club member is at the venue to greet the demonstrator at the expected arrival time, and is capably of helping with unloading
  • Ensure relevant committee members are aware if they have agreed to provide foliage and/or refreshments.

Useful examples and letters for programme secretaries include:


In conjunction with the club media officer ensure the programme is sent to the Club Publicity Coordinator for publicising on the area website and in Focal Points.  An incomplete programme may be submitted but please remember to send updates as appropriate.  Remember to include all workshops and practical sessions.

Use this form to submit your club programme – Club Programme Form

NOTE – it is not sensible to wait for your club AGM before publicising your programme.  Publicity is key.