Online Events

In this current COVID crisis online events using Zoom have become common.  See below for the current BB&O Online events. See individual club pages in the Clubs section for details of what is happening at club level.   For help using Zoom, or organising Zoom events see these Zoom Guides:
BBandO Zoom Guide for Participants – 12 October 2020
BBandO Zoom Guide for Organisers – 12 October 2020
NAFAS Zoom Guidelines ver1.2 201117 – NAFAS guidelines on the use of Zoom.

Area AGM – Friday 12 November 2021 

See AGM 2021

Area Online Workshops   

An autumn programme of Zoom workshops is now planned as follows.  Workshops provide an opportunity to learn and practice.  These involve 2 sessions.  In the first session the tutor gives a tutorial to demonstrate the design(s), giving valuable teaching advice along the way.  Participants are supplied with a materials worksheet listing the sort of things that will be required to do the design.  Then the participants are given about a week to prepare their own version of the design.  They are asked to take photos, including maybe at various stages, or from different angles, or with different plant material.  The photos should be emailed at least 2 days before the review session to the BB&O Photos mailbox including your name and an appropriate subject in the email, eg Spring Surprise Workshop.  The photos will be put into an appropriate album in BB&O Photos.  Usually one week after the tutorial there will be a a second Zoom session when the tutor will lead a review and discussion about the designs.

Fees for each workshop (including tutorial and review) are: BB&O members – £6.  Non-BB&O members – £8.  Participants are welcome to sit and watch either session without necessarily submitting a design for review.

Workshop Bountiful Harvest. Suitable for all abilities, this workshop led by Area Teacher Stephanie Cornell will feature interesting autumnal designs. Tutorial on 23rd September and review on 30th September,  both on Thursdays at 7.30pm.    More information and booking form at Bountiful Harvest Workshop

Workshop Bamboozled. Suitable for all abilities, this workshop led by Area Teacher Carol Bennett will feature interesting autumnal designs. Tutorial on 19th October and review on 26th October,  both on Tuesdays at 2.30pm.    More information and booking form at Bamboozled Workshop.

Workshop Wichtelmann . Suitable for all abilities, this workshop led by Area Teacher Chris Pearce will feature interesting autumnal designs. Tutorial on Tuesday 30th November and review on Monday 6th December,  both at 10.30am.    More information and booking form at Wichtelmann Workshop.

Workshop Christmas Fabulousness. Suitable for all abilities, this workshop led by National Teacher Jane Haas will feature interesting autumnal designs. Tutorial on 7th Decemeber and review on 14th December,  both at 2.30pm.    More information and booking form at Christmas Fabulousness Workshop.

Run a Successful Club – Workshops to help clubs   

Run a Successful Club is a series of FREE workshops for club officers or other members involved in any aspect of running their club.    The first session is Deliver a Programme, aimed at anyone doing a Programme Secretary role.  This is on Wed 13th Oct at 7pm

Club Online Events

See the Clubs page for information on which clubs are delivering the meetings via Zoom.  Many of these are available to non-members (sometimes for a small fee) so please contact these clubs direct if you would like to join one of their sessions.

Online Mini Teacher Training

One of the key aims of NAFAS is to deliver education.  In BB&O we have many qualified teachers who deliver first class workshops and courses locally and nationally, but we also have many members who just teach the occasional club workshop and this is an equally valuable way of passing on our skills.  To help members deliver such small-scale teaching in a consistent and effective way, NAFAS recently developed the Basic Teaching Course.  This low key course does not lead to a teaching qualification but aims to provide the practical knowledge and skills needed to deliver club level workshops.

The BB&O Area is organising one of these courses to be delivered via Zoom, starting 2nd November 2021.  There will be two parts: a theory section and a practical session to include a micro teach.

Students will need to purchase the Basic Teaching Manual (£5) downloadable from the NAFAS website, and there may be a nominal charge for our members wishing to attend.  If you are interested, please email  (including your name and telephone number) or phone Jane Haas on 01884 860 714