News 2017

News from the 2017 AGM

The rose bowl for the club raising the most money for charity in 2017 was presented to Briony Newport from Oxford Flower Club  for raising £3385.80, the proceeds going to Myeloma UK, Fyfield Church, OXSRAD and Oxford Flexiecare.  Based on information supplied by 21 clubs the area donated a total of £13193.35 to various charities.

The silver platter for the club which had the largest increase in orders for the Flower Arranger was presented to Meg Hooper from Chieveley Flower Club.

The new Penelope Everett trophy for the BB&O Person of the Year was presented to Shirley Sexton for the significant achievements on the media front.

Brenda Copas, Chairman of Greys Flora, presented to the area a new award, the Diane GIll Memorial Trophy, provided by Diane’s husband Cliff.  This will be awarded annually in future for most innovative contemporary design of the year.

Thame Flower Club brought Pudsey Bear and raised £200 for Children in Need.  They also commented how much they had all enjoyed the meeting, lunch and demonstration, and how fantastic the stage looked at the end of the demonstration.

11 Nov 2017 – BB&O Awards at the Festive Flower and Food Show

Class 4 (Craft Class): By the Winter Fireside
Highly Commended – Shirley Sexton from Caversham & Chiltern, and Greys Flora

Class 16: Skewered
Very Highly Commended: Susie Barwick from Phoenix
Commended – Shirley Sexton from Caversham & Chiltern, and Greys Flora

Aylesbury Flower Club Charity Fundraising Day

As a direct result of some little cupcake flower arrangements left around Aylesbury town as ‘Lonely Bouquets’ this year, Aylesbury Flower Club were invited to take part in the ‘Dare to Wear it Pink Day’ activities in the town centre on Saturday 30th September which raised money for Cancer Research.

Members of the club donated money or collected small containers such as cups and saucers, little dishes, mugs and cupcake cases and did arrangements in them and then volunteers manned the stall to sell the flowers on the day.  In the end there were well over 100 arrangements with one lady popping home to make more during the day when the number of arrangements dropped and it became obvious we could sell more.

In total we raised an amazing £450 which was almost a quarter of the total raised on the day.

July 2017 – Berkshire Blooms on Peach Quest – Radio Berks

On Saturday 8th July a team from BB&O took part in the Peach Quest on Radio Berkshire – and got the Peach!  This is an Anneka Rice type treasure hunt with the team in the studio solving cryptic clues and directing a driver and assistant around the county to find the next clue.  The aim is to solve all 5 clues within the 3 hour programme and find the peach..  The team (left to right) consisted of Elizabeth Moffitt (Caversham), Shirley Sexton (Area Media Officer), Siobhan Pilkington (Maidenhead and Alison Mount (Area Chairman).  Vernon Harwood presented the programme on behalf of Andrew Peach.

We took every opportunity to publicise NAFAS and BB&O, and encouraged listeners to visit one of our clubs and mention ‘Peach Quest’.  Please could all clubs make these visitors welcome and encourage them to come back.

25 June 2017  – see Blenheim Results 2017

May 2017 – Awards at Chelsea

Congratulations to BB&O winners at Chelsea.  As an area we did really well this year.
Jane BelcherGold and Best in 1st Session in class ‘In Suspense’
Theresa Rodriques – Gold and Best in 2nd Session in class ‘In Suspense’
Shirley Sexton and Sara Steward from Caversham & Chiltern Flower Club – Gold in class ‘The Cutting Edge’
Gillian Harries and Barbara Hunt from Newbury Floral Society – Gold in class ‘The Cutting Edge’
Tan Strong from Phoenix Design – Silver Gilt in class ‘Enchanted Garden’
Irene Manson and Jane Haas from Caversham & Chiltern Flower Club – Silver in class ‘Enchanted Garden’
Lorraine Saunders from Design Scents – Silver in class ‘In Suspense’
Frances Buchan and Jackie Nichols from Oxford Flower Club – Bronze in class ‘Enchanted Garden’
June Potter and Stephanie Peniket from Burnham Floral Art Society – Bronze in class ‘Enchanted Garden’

15 May 2017 – Highlight awards at Malvern Spring Flower Show

Congratulations to BB&O award winners::
Ann Sinclair from Club 2000 and Chalfont  – Gold and Best in Show,  Ann’s daughter, Helen Sinclair, from the London and Overseas Area was also awarded a gold medal.
Jenny Clarke from Thames Valley – Runner-up to Best in Show, and ‘Best Use of Foliage’.
Angela Edmonds from Oxford – silver in class ‘At the Celebrity Chef Table’
Didn’t they do well!

28 April 2017 – Competition winners at Best of British

Congratulations to Siobhan Pilkington from Maidenhead Flower Club for winning the Crown Jewels competition and Sue Starr from from Stony Stratford for her Strawberries and Cream depiction in the Best of British, design in a small plant pot competition.  Also to the winner of the photographic competition: Lorna Levett from Caversham and Chiltern Flower Club.

23 April 2017 – Silver at Harrogate

Congratulations to Lorraine Saunders, Jeanette Bell and Jane Melville from Design Scents who represented the BB&O Area at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show.  Their depiction of Ralph Lauren in the area class Hort Couture was awarded a silver medal.

16 March 2017 – Club Officers Day Notes

To see the full Powerpoint presentation from the Club Officers Day on 16th March 2017 go to Club Officers Day 2017