Deck the Halls:  Exhibitor/Helper Information

This page contains information relevant to those exhibiting, stewarding, serving refreshments or helping in any other way to ensure the area makes this event a success.

See Directions for help on how to get there.

Health and Safety 

For details of the full risk assessment prepared by the festival committee please see Deck the halls flower festival RA. The Falklands 2022 staging plan has also been prepared with health and safety in mind.

Publicity and Programme

We would be grateful if clubs/individuals could help by arranging to have fliers displayed in windows of local shops, garden centres, churches etc.  Download and print Falklands 2022 A4 flier with donation info

You could also download Deck the Halls Programme.

Designers: Expense Claims

Clubs and individual designers may claim mileage expenses for one return trip – either for viewing or staging.  Please download Falklands Festival Mileage Claim form – Excel if you wish to complete the form via Excel, or Falklands Festival Mileage Claim form – PDF for a copy to be completed by hand.

Clubs and individual designers may claim flower/material allowance. Each design has been allocated a specific allowance dependent on the size and style of the design.  The primary contact for each design should have been notified of their allowance by one of the design team.  Please download  to complete the form via Excel, or Falklands Festival Design Claim form – PDF for a copy to be completed by hand.

Please direct any queries to one of the design team:

  • For designs upstairs: Email Shirley Sexton or phone 0118 941 2329  or 07766 316 966
  • For designs on the stage or in the main chapel: Email Alison Mount or phone 01753 868 320 or 07850 249475
  • For designs in the side rooms, entrance area or outside: Email Sally Hardy or phone 01344 422 102 or 07754 291 110

Claims should be submitted by end of 2022.

Designers: Staging and Dismantling Information 

Pangbourne College is a busy boarding school so all exhibitors and helpers should NOTE CAREFULLY information regarding staging and dismantling.  Please download and READ Falklands 2022 staging

Stewards and Other Helpers 

We would be most grateful for help with stewarding and serving refreshments.  Please click on Deck the Halls Stewarding Form for more information.  We would also appreciate help with moving chairs on the morning of Friday 25th November and after the festival closes on Sunday 27th November.  Helping with any of these tasks for 2-3 hours would be much appreciated.

If you are available to help serving refreshments please click on Frances Buchan to email or phone Frances on 07876 460282.  Shift slots for helping with refreshments are the same as for stewarding.

If you are available to help with car marshalling please click on Brenda Milton to email or phone Brenda on 0118 969 5697.  This activity is particularly needs to start just before visiting time, preferably in 2 hour slots.  Car park marshals can go along to the cafe to warm up and get for a free cake and drink.   We have volunteers for Saturday but would appreciate help on the Sunday.

If you are stewarding please click on Falklands 2022 Stewarding Notes – 2

If you can help in any way, or have any other queries, please click on Area Chairman to send an appropriate email.