Lifting and Manual Handling

Like all other laws the Manual Handling Regulations may change so it is inappropriate to go into detail here, but the following notes provide outline guidance on first aid planning by the area and clubs.   Readers are advised to search the internet for latest information when appropriate.

Potential Problems

  • Moving items which are particularly or deceptively heavy such as tables
  • Moving, lifting, pushing or simply manoeuvring items
  • Moving things between levels of a building when there is no lift
  • Moving and handling of wheelchairs

What to look for

  • Deceptively heavy items
  • Lack of experience
  • Containers full of liquids
  • Odd shaped or bulky items
  • Lifting beyond reach or overhead
  • People trying to lift or move heavy items on their own
  • Anyone who has a previous back or upper limb injury
  • Hot items and in particular hot liquids
  • Members working on ladders or scaffolding at festivals and slipping or trapping fingers
  • Members moving fold-up table single handed and dropping on feet
  • Fold-up tables stored vertically and falling

Result of Non-Compliance

  • Broken bones, abrasions and lacerations
  • Trapped feet and/or fingers
  • Back damage due to weight of items or poor handling technique
  • Elderly people are at greatest risk of severe injuries such as broken hips
  • Damage to items being moved and/or premises when items are dropped or involved in impact

Action Planning 

It may be too onerous for clubs to deal with but they could consider Manual Handling Training with members signing a training record to be retained by the Club.