Guidelines for Catering 

Like all other laws the Health and Safety laws governing handling of food and drink may change so it is inappropriate to go into detail here.  Readers are advised to search the internet for latest information, for example Food Standards Agency Publications: Your local Council may be able to help. These notes provide outline guidance on handling of food and drink at area and club events.

Using Outside Caterers

If using outside caterers it is worth asking certain questions before taking them on:

  1. Do they have a risk assessment and what procedures do they take to ensure food safety?
  2. How do they deliver their goods?
  3. What hygiene training is given to operatives?
  4. If they do not provide acceptable answers – then don’t use them

Area/Club Members preparing food/drink for a function 

If area/club members are preparing food/drink for an event you are advised to consider:

  1. A list of who is preparing the food, ensuring all appropriately vaccinated (eg are triple vaccinated for COVID), and will be wearing masks and gloves
  2. What they are supplying
  3. Food will be labelled with contents – because of food allergies
  4. Stress general levels of cleanliness and delivery of food to premises
  5. Consider hygiene training
  6. Check the kitchens of venue for cleanliness and waste disposal.  Good idea to take your own anti-bacterial wipes and rubbish bags
  7. Fire precautions
  8. First Aid Box – accident book
  9. Consider preparing a risk assessment and the procedure they take to ensure food safety
  10. In case an outbreak of food poisoning occurs aim to have a list of food supplied.  If necessary after the event the local Environmental Health Office may be involved
  11. Check alcohol policies at intended venue as part of planning
  12. If you intend to sell alcohol then a licence will be probably be required – see current government websites.