First Aid

Like all other laws the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations may change so it is inappropriate to go into detail here.  Readers are advised to search the internet for latest information when appropriate.  These notes provide outline guidance on first aid planning by the area and clubs

Potential Problems

  • NAFAS member or visitor taken ill at an event or meeting
  • Injury resulting from an accident at an event or meeting, eg slipping on wet floor
  • Sudden illness such as a heart attack or stroke

Typical Result

  • Injury or illness that in some cases may be dangerous requiring rapid attention
  • Potential for disruption and panic at an event or meeting adding to problem
  • Potential for someone to make a claim if negligence or lack of due care can be established

Action Planning 

  • At least one member of your Club should be qualified as a First Aider or appointed person
  • Competent trained and preferably certified first aid cover provided by a recognised body
  • Information and awareness amongst members of action to take in event of a stroke, heart attack, asthma attack, etc
  • Information and awareness, whilst respecting confidence, if member is a diabetic
  • Basic first aid equipment in club premises and at all events.  Recommended minimum – one first aid box and one first aider for up to 50 people
  • Draft procedure based on risk assessment detailing action in event of accident or illness
  • Enhanced first aid assistance at large events e.g. John’s Ambulance
  • Keep a record of all incidents that require first aid in an Accident Book