Club Chairmen

The key responsibilities of a Club Chairman are:

  • Ensure the club functions as a whole
  • Chair both Club and Committee Meetings
  • Be the spokesperson for the club
  • Be the channel for passing on communication with NAFAS, Area managements, club members and the general public.

For more information see The Role of the Club Chairman

The Chairman would normally attend Area Council Meetings on behalf of the club, but may send another delegate instead.  The Chairman must pass information that is sent either on paper or electronically on to members of the committee and/or club members as appropriate.

The Chairman should be aware of all information that is available on the Area Management and Club Management pages, as well as the key components of the other committee roles.

Guidelines for Club Management

See Guidelines, Policies and Processes for guidelines and processes relevant to club management.  However it is worth noting that many of the NAFAS guidelines were produced some time ago and not guaranteed to be up to date, so it may be more useful to search for appropriate information on the internet..