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The Administration section of this website is intended to inform and assist club officers with the objective of delivering more effective clubs

The Area Management page describes the overall organisation of the BB&O area.

The  Club Management page summarises what is involved in managing a club effectively.

The remaining pages relate to specific roles within club management:

On each page there is a summary of responsibilities and information plus downloadable NAFAS and BB&O guidelines and forms appropriate to the role

The area name is Berks Bucks and Oxon Area of NAFAS, which may be abbreviated to BB&O Area of NAFAS

BB&O Proforma Document with new logos is Word file, containing headers and footers with the latest BB&O and NAFAS logos, web address and area name.  Clubs may download this file to use as the basis for their own documents.

BB&O Logo Variants is a Powerpoint file containing the new BB&O and NAFAS logos in various formats.  Area and club officers may copy any of these logos into their own documents.


Our parent organisation NAFAS has its headquarters in Devonshire Square, London. Area officers and representatives whose voluntarily work keeps the organisation going frequently need to attend meetings. This centrally located site provides convenient access for all 21 areas. It has several meeting rooms and bedrooms which are used whenever possible resulting in significant savings on room and bedroom accommodation. However repair and maintenance work on this listed building is ongoing and has to be in keeping with its status. Re-wiring, redecoration and re-carpeting is ongoing.

NAFAS is a charity so if/when your club organises fundraising activities for charity it would be helpful if just £20 of your charitable donation were to go to NAFAS. Just send a covering letter and cheque made out to NAFAS to:
Paul Bonter, NAFAS, Osborne House 12 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4TE
Remember – without NAFAS, its volunteer staff and all the demonstrators, teachers, speakers and judges your club would probably not exist.