‘Promote your Club’ Workshop 

As a more practical alternative to a Club Officers Day (which used to be held in Benson every 3 years) the BB&O Area Officers have organised a series of task-based workshops to help club officers and management teams run their club more effectively. The sessions will deliver information, offer help and guidance, and facilitate discussion.  Participants are encouraged to share their experience.

These FREE workshops are open to anyone who is interested, but all clubs are encouraged to send at least one representative to each session.

The ‘Promote your Club‘ workshop aimed at Club Publicity/Media Officers, will be on Monday 7th February 2022 at 7.30pm.  Topics will include:

  • Media channels – Websites, Social media, printed material, local press/radio/community facilities etc
  • Keeping club details and programmes up-to date on the Area Website.
  • Posting to Area Social Media sites
  • Setting up and using your own club website and social media
  • Printed publicity material
  • Data protection
  • Photo permissions

Closing date for applications is Friday 4th February 2022.

Successful bookings will generate a confirmation to the email address entered on the form. The Zoom link for each event will be sent to that same email address 2 days before. If you do not receive these emails please contact secretary@bbandoflowers.org.uk.

If you are new to Zoom  you may find the following guide helpful – BBandO Zoom Guide for Participants.  Alternatively feel free to ask any Area Officer for advice.

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