Focal Points

The BB&O newsletter, Focal Points, provides a summary of achievements, past and future events and other information from NAFAS, the BB&O Area and our clubs.

Printed copies are normally available for clubs to collect at the Council Meetings in March, June and September.  However the situation regarding future editions remains unclear as long as COVID guidelines limit the possibility of distributing printed material.

PDF versions for online viewing or download
Focal Points 43 – Spring 2020
Focal Points – Issue 41 – Autumn 2019
Focal Points Issue 40 – Summer 2019
Focal Points Issue 39 – Spring 2019
Focal Points Edition 38 – Autumn 2018
Focal Points Edition 37 – Summer 2018

If space allows each issue includes a list of club demonstrations coming in the next few months.  To advertise specific area or club events please send details to  Please remember to include all relevant details: what type of event is it; when/where the event will take place; cost of tickets (if applicable) and who to contact to book them, etc.  Remember a picture is worth a thousand words so a flier would be good.

Adverts for non area events may be included at a cost of £30. Cheques should be made payable to Focal Points and sent to:  Anne Rogers – Treasurer, 2 Frimley Close, Woodley, Berkshire, RG5 3AU

Focal Points is produced by the Media Team

Area Media Officer
Editor Focal Points

Shirley Sexton

Tel: 0118 941 2329
Focal Points Treasurer

Anne Rogers

Tel: 0118 969 3615
Club Publicity

Anne Hyde

Tel: 01494 786 770
Social Media & Photos

Mary Ferguson

Tel: 0118 970 0603
Social Media & Photos

Catherine Lee

Tel: 01235 76860

Sub Editor Focal Points

Sara Steward

Tel: 0118 947 3006
Social Media

Tracy Ray

Tel: 01189 345 892

Focal Points Future Issues

IssueCopy DateAvailable
4320th January 20202nd March 2020
4420th April 20208th June 2020
4527th July 20207th September 2020