BBandO Area and Club Workshops

Virtual Area Workshop: September or October

This will involve two Zoom sessions.  Participants will be given a ‘Materials and Mechanics’ worksheet.  The first Zoom session will be a demonstration.  Participants will then prepare their own design, take photograph(s) of it and email to the tutor.  These will be loaded onto a shared drive.  Participants will be emailed a link to the drive so they can see what everyone has achieved.  A second Zoom session (about one week later) will be a review and discussion of the designs.

The initial workshop will be free.  If you wish to participate please email JDSE Secretary or phone Stephanie Cornell on 01256 881101.

Practical Area Workshops are held at individual clubs by arrangement with those clubs.  The aim is to have a workshops in a variety of locations.  Clubs wishing to participate in this scheme should refer to Area Workshop Guidelines- Sep 2018.  For further information please contact email JDSE Secretary phone Stephanie Cornell on 01256 881101.
However practical workshops are not feasible whilst COVID restrictions are in place, so in the meantime the area is planning a trial virtual workshop – see above

Some clubs hold their own workshops.  During the coronavirus pandemic some clubs are holding their own virtual workshops.  Please refer to individual clubs for more information.