Club Meetings 2022

Listed below are demonstrations and workshops that are being held in the area by month.  Please note that some are via Zoom:
(T) indicates tickets are required.  Visitors most welcome.
** indicates the meeting is at a different venue to the normal monthly meeting
Further details on the relevant club page or Club Special Events page

5Anna StevensDemonstrationDo you see what I seeRoyal Windsor
5Katie ThomasDemonstrationIt's a Flowery ThingAbingdon
5Mark EntwistleDemonstrationThe Secret Life of ColourStony Stratford
5A Local Garden CentreTalkTo be confirmedWoodley
5Nick GroundsDemonstrationA Gentle Plea for ChaosBourne End
6WorkshopTo be confirmedSandhurst & Crowthorne
6Carol FerrisDemonstrationWish you were here againOld Windsor
7Jane BelcherWorkshop and CompetitionLeaf Manipulation / An Easter ArrangementHolyport
7Stephanie CornellWorkshopTo be confirmedBramley and Romans
9Sandie Draper and Alison MountShow WorkshopOld Windsor
10Sandie Draper (To be confirmed)DemonstrationFull of Eastern PromiseGerrards Cross
11Julie PearceDemonstrationA Journey through NepalBladon & Woodstock
12Jackie PageDemonstration and CompetitionFlights of Fancy / Spring Treasures (height optional)Twyford & Ruscombe
12Arnaud MetairieDemonstrationGarden in the SkyNewbury
13To be confirmedWorkshopTo be confirmedCaversham & Chiltern
13Graham KingDemonstrationPure FantasyWokingham
20Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationFlowers through the AgesEarley
& District
25John ChennellDemonstrationSummer is ComingChalfont & District
25Kathryn AustinDemonstrationHappy AnniversaryFinchampstead
25Lucia Dean TaylorDemonstrationFlowers to Charm and DelightThames Valley
25Sandra GunnerDemonstrationA Visit to the MoviesAylesbury
26Beverley ShortDemonstrationA Touch of SpringBicester
28Vivien WithersDemonstrationMy Floral JourneyFour Ends
28In House WorkshopTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
28Jurgen HeroldDemonstrationTo be confirmedGreys Flora
28Kate ThomasDemonstrationIt's a Flowery ThingOxford
3Graham KingDemonstrationPast FantasyRoyal Windsor
3Fiona HarrisonDemonstrationFlower of ScotlandStony Stratford
3Kate ThomasDemonstrationA Little Bit of This and ThatWoodley
3Jilly GriffinDemonstrationWhatever Next!Bourne End
4Alex RevankoDemonstrationTo be confirmedSandhurst & Crowthorne
4Nadira BurkiDemonstrationDeja VuOld Windsor
5Sherry SmithWorkshop / CompetitionTo be advised / Leaf ManipulationHolyport
5Alison MountDemonstrationAn Artist's PaletteBramley and Romans
5Stephanie PeniketDemonstrationWanderlustHarmondsworth
9Jackie PageDemonstrationThe Flower ArrangerBladon & Woodstock
10Stephanie ConnellDemonstration and CompetitionThe View from my Window / A Book Title (requires the title and height optionalTwyford & Ruscombe
10Robin WhiteDemonstrationTo be confirmedNewbury
11Lee Berrill and Allan Smith65th Anniversary Lunch and DemonstrationTime to CelebrateGerrards Cross
11Peter BodnarDemonstrationGrand TourCaversham & Chiltern
11Mig KimptonOpen Evening - DemonstrationA Midsummer Night's DreamWokingham
14Old Windsor Flower Club Biannual ShowStaycationsOld Windsor
18Carol BennettDemonstrationHere comes SummerEarley
& District
18Sandie DraperDemonstrationInspired by NatureHigh Wycombe
23Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationMore Magic MomentsChalfont & District
23Margaret RumensDemonstrationSummer WineThames Valley
23Jackie PageDemonstrationFlights of FancyAylesbury
26Stephanie CornellDemonstrationView from my WindowFour Ends
26Margaret Rumens (N)DemonstrationSummer WineOxford
1Kim WrightSummer WorkshopSummer Dressings for your Dining TableOld Windsor
1Carol StablesDemonstrationWedding WondersSandhurst & Crowthorne
2Katie BaxterDemonstrationA Touch of VintageBramley and Romans
2Stephanie PeniketDemonstrationWanderlustHolyport
3Nadia BurkiDemonstrationDream WeaverAbingdon
7Jackie PageDemonstrationFlights of FancyWoodley
7Lucy Ellis (National)DemonstrationOpera goes to the MoviesStony Stratford
7Carol StablesDemonstrationDIY SOSBourne End
8Graham KingDemonstrationAbsolutely BonkersCaversham & Chiltern
8Irene MansonTalkOne, Two Buckle My ShoeBracknell
8Kathryn AustinDemonstrationPrecious MetalWokingham
9Vivien WithersDemonstrationMy Floral JourneyHarmondsworth
13Jennifer ThompsonDemonstrationA Moment in TimeBladon & Woodstock
14Michael BowyerDemonstrationDesigning for SummerNewbury
15Katherine KearDemonstrationThe Little Green OrchardGerrards Cross
15Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationAll Kinds of EverythingHigh Wycombe
16Tracey GriffinDemonstrationTo be confirmedGreys Flora
23Stephanie PeniketDemonstrationWorking with WoodFour Ends
23Gill McGregorDemonstrationSummer SerendipityOxford
27Patricia EllisDemonstrationSerendipityChalfont & District
27Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationTo be confirmedFinchampstead
27Alison MountDemonstrationAn Artist's PaletteAylesbury
27Lorena Dyer (N)DemonstrationLipstick, Powder and PaintThames Valley
30Iaochim EremaWorkshopTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
5Diane NormanDemonstrationIkebana - An IntroductionAbingdon
5Siobhan PilkingtonDemonstrationMe, Myself and FlowersWoodley
5Doug HowardDemonstrationA Man and a Box of FlowersBourne End
5Lee BerrillDemonstrationA Wonderful WorldStony Stratford
6Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationAll Kinds of EverythingOld Windsor
7Irene HicksonDemonstrationFashion TrendsBramley and Romans
12Elizabeth WaitDemonstration and CompetitionTopless in the Alps / Garden Delight (height optional)Twyford & Ruscombe
12Jackie PageDemonstrationThe Flower ArrangerNewbury
13To be confirmedWorkshopTo be confirmedCaversham & Chiltern
13Alison GillottDemonstrationPocketful of PosiesBracknell
13Carol FerrisDemonstrationWish you were hereWokingham
20Sally HardyDemonstrationYou've seen it all beforeGerrards Cross
20Alison MountDemonstrationInspirationsEarley
& District
20Christine LongDemonstrationLoosely Round the Solar SystemHigh Wycombe
25Jackie PageDemonstrationFlights of FancyChalfont & District
25Graham KingDemonstrationPure MadnessAylesbury
25Claire BryantDemonstrationUnder the InfluenceThames Valley
26Shirley HendersonDemonstrationAround the World in 80 minutes (ish)Bicester
28Jennifer ThompsonDemonstrationMoment in TimeFour Ends
28Nicky HealDemonstrationCreative CreationsOxford
2Carol FerrisDemonstrationCome with MeRoyal Windsor
2Sandie DraperDemonstrationInspired by NatureAbingdon
4Carol BennettWorkshopTo be advisedHolyport
4Jackie PageWorkshopOne design for beginners and one for more advancedBramley and Romans
10Carol FerrisDemonstrationWish you were hereCaversham & Chiltern
22Graham KingWorkshopTo be confirmedFinchampstead
22Kathryn AustinDemonstrationPrecious MetalAylesbury
24Gill McGregorDemonstrationDiamond Anniversary (Tea)High Wycombe
29Garden Event or OutingChalfont & District
1Pat DibbenIn House DemonstrationTo be confirmedHarmondsworth
1Sally HardyDemonstrationThis and TatBramley and Romans
6Sally HardyDemonstrationYou've seen it all beforeRoyal Windsor
6Sandie DraperDemonstrationInspired by NatureBourne End
6Stephanie PeniketDemonstrationWonderlustWoodley
7Tracey GriffinOpen Meeting - DemonstrationNot Your Usual Flower FixOld Windsor
7Kate ThomasDemonstrationHidden JemsSandhurst & Crowthorne
13Sally OatesDemonstrationTo be confirmedNewbury
13Kathryn AustinDemonstration and CompetitionHappy Anniversary / Autumn Colour (height optional)Twyford & Ruscombe
14Sally HardyDemonstrationThe Three F'sBracknell
14Rekha NaidooDemonstrationInspirations of IndiaCaversham & Chiltern
14Melanie SmithDemonstrationPostcards from FranceWokingham
21Carol BennettDemonstrationAutumn TexturesGerrards Cross
21Anna StevenDemonstrationDo you see what I seeEarley
& District
21Fiona HarrisonDemonstrationFlowers of ScotlandHigh Wycombe
22Kathryn AustinDemonstrationEat, Drink and be MarriedFour Ends
22Daphne GrantDemonstrationForgotten TreasuresOxford
26Emily BroomheadDemonstrationInspirationalThames Valley
26Sandie DraperDemonstrationTo be confirmedFinchampstead
26Annette UrquhartDemonstrationTo be confirmedAylesbury
26Theresa RodriguesDemonstrationOde to AutumnChalfont & District
27Elaine StonerDemonstrationBee Kind to the PlanetBicester
29Tracey GriffinWorkshopTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
4Kate ThomasDemonstrationIt's a Family ThingRoyal Windsor
4Yvonne TanDemonstrationMix and Match make PerfectBourne End
4Irene MansonTalkTo be confirmedWoodley
5Stephanie CornellDemonstrationView from my WindowOld Windsor
5Margaret FinchDemonstrationAutumn AmbienceSandhurst & Crowthorne
6Sally HardyDemonstrationYou've Seen It All Before!Harmondsworth
6Carole StablesDemonstrationDIY SOSBramley and Romans
10Emily BroomheadDemonstrationInspirationsBladon & Woodstock
11Melanie SmithDemonstrationFlowers bring SmilesNewbury
11Sandie DraperDemonstrationFun with Foam-Free DesignsTwyford & Ruscombe
12Sandie DraperDemonstrationInspired by NatureWokingham
12To be confirmedWorkshopTo be confirmedCaversham & Chiltern
19Sue TausigDemonstrationScrumptiously SeasonalEarley
& District
19Alison MountDemonstrationInspirationsGerrards Cross
19Autumn PracticalHigh Wycombe
24Sally HardyDemonstrationYou've seen it all beforeFinchampstead
24Jennifer ThompsonDemonstrationA Moment in TimeChalfont & District
31Melanie SmithDemonstrationFlowers bring Smiles (with a Halloween Twist)Thames Valley
31Fiona HarrisonDemonstrationFlower of ScotlandAylesbury
1Sandie DraperDemonstrationAutumnal SplendourRoyal Windsor
1Morgan DouglasDemonstrationSerenity in AutumnBourne End
2Jennifer ThompsonDemonstrationA Moment in TimeOld Windsor
3Carole BennettDemonstrationTo be confirmedBramley and Romans
8Alison PennoOpen MeetingWinter WonderlandNewbury
9Mig KimptonDemonstrationTale of the Golden GooseCaversham & Chiltern
9Jilly GriffinDemonstrationWhatever NextBracknell
9Morgan NuthOpen MeetingTo be confirmedTwyford & Ruscombe
9Siobhan PilkingtonDemonstrationWinter ExtravaganzaWokingham
14Arnaud MetarieDemonstrationChristmasBladon & Woodstock
15Christine LongDemonstrationLoosely Round the Solar SystemFour Ends
16Tracey Griffin (N)DemonstrationSnowflakesGerrards Cross
16Stephen McDonnell (N)DemonstrationCracking Christmas CreationsEarley
& District
16Sandra GunnerDemonstration including Christmas Nibbles and PunchI'm Dreaming of ...High Wycombe
18Coral GardinerDemonstration - Open MeetingCountry ChristmasWoodley
19To be confirmedChristmas WorkshopHappy ChristmasBramley and Romans
22To be confirmedChristmas Open DemonstrationTo be confirmedBicester
24Coral GardinerDemonstrationFestive HeightsOxford
25Sandie Draper and Alison MountWorkshopChristmas Wreaths (TBC)Old Windsor
25Annette UrquhartDemonstrationTo be confirmedFinchampstead
28Lorraine SaundersDemonstrationTo be confirmedThames Valley
28Irene MansonAGM and PresentationTo be confirmedChalfont & District
28Nick GroundsDemonstrationThe Apple TreeAylesbury
1Graham KingDemonstrationThese Wonderous ThingsHarmondsworth
1Stephanie CornellChristmas Meeting - Demonstration and Lunch or Afternoon TeaTo be confirmedBramley and Romans
6To be confirmedDemonstration (2pm)To be confirmedRoyal Windsor
6Emily BroomheadDemonstrationThe Night before ChristmasBourne End
6Woodley CommitteeDemonstrationTo be confirmedWoodley
7Anna StevensDemonstrationSeasonal SplendourOld Windsor
7Jackie PageDemonstrationChristmas DemoSandhurst & Crowthorne
12In-house WorkshopTo be confirmedFinchampstead
13Sandie DraperDemonstrationDreaming of a White ChristmasNewbury
14To be confirmedDemonstrationTo be confirmedGerrards Cross
15Christine LongDemonstrationLoosely Round the Solar SystemFour Ends