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Club Demonstrations 2019

 Club Demonstrations 2019

Listed below are demonstrations that are being held in the area by month:

January 2019

8Emily Broomhead (National)A Floral OdysseyNewbury
9Jennifer ThompsonUp the Garden PathWokingham
15Katie BaxterJoy of FlowersChieveley
16Alison Mount (BB&O)An Artist's PaletteThames Valley
24Theresa Rodrigues (BB&O)From Root to BloomFour Ends
24Sally Hardy and Anita DaveyTo be confirmedPhoenix Design

February 2019

13Kathryn AustinA Vine RomanceWokingham
19Carol BlightonMy Life in FlowersChieveley
20Theresa RodriguesWhat a Load of RubbishEarley
25Pam LewisFebruary FrolicsThames Valley
28Theresa RodriguesFrom Root to BloomOxford

March 2019

5Kate ThomasTo be advisedRoyal Windsor
6Sally HardyThis and TatCotswold
6Jennifer Allen ThompsonUp the Garden PathSandhurst & Crowthorne
11Emily BronheadIn PrintMortimer
13Theresa RodriguesSpring is in the AirWallingford
13Jane BelcherIntermingledWokingham
20Carol FerrisWish you were hereEarley
25Carole StablesWedding WondersThames Valley
28Sally HardyGrass ManoeuvresPhoenix Design
28Rekha NaidooInspirations of IndiaOxford

April 2019

2Carol FerrisWish you were here againRoyal Windsor
2Jackie PageI cam across a Fallen TreeOlney
3Pat Dibben (N)Deja VuSandhurst & Crowthorne
4Jennifer ThompsonUp the Garden PathHolyport
10Gill McGregorTo be confirmedLey Hill
10Carol BennettAll Kinds of EverythingWokingham
17Christina PayneWhisketsEarley
25Jacqui ArnoldTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
25Doug HowardSpring SensationsOxford
29Jenny ClarkeJumping into SpringThames Valley

May 2019

1Alison Mount InspirationsSandhurst & Crowthorne
7Carol BennettKakeidoscopesOlney
8Pam LewisThe World Awakes to the Sound of SpringWokingham
15Sally HardyThis and TatEarley
20Carol BennettAll Kinds of EverythingThames Valley
23Lee BerrillImagineOxford
30Angela MerryfieldTo be confirmedPhoenix Design

June 2019

4Sharon BadgerThe Midas TouchOlney
5Morgan DouglasBotanical CoutureSandhurst & Crowthorne
6Jackie PageI came across a fallen treeHolyport
12Graham KingMad about FlowersWokingham
24Lucy Ellis (N)Opera goes to the MoviesThames Valley
27Irene MansonTo be confirmedPhoenix Design
27Nick Grounds (N)The MaterialistOxford

July 2019

2Jackie PageGoing Just a Little PottyRoyal Windsor
10Elizabeth WaitThe World's a StageWokingham
17Pat Dibben (N)Deja VuEarley
25Sarah MotleySunshine always follows RainOxford
29Sue TausigFloral Extravaganza Thames Valley

August 2019

1Sally HardyAnything GoesHolyport
6Graham KingTo be advisedRoyal Windsor

September 2019

3Linda SeabrookGreen Fingered Flower ArrangerOlney
3Carol BlightonMy Life in FleurRoyal Windsor
4Carole StablesDIY SOSSandhurst & Crowthorne
11Sue AstonMetalologyWokingham
18Sue AstonMetalologyEarley
26Carol BennettAll Kinds of EverythingOxford
30Margaret HealInspirationsThames Valley

October 2019

1Lucy AllanBetween the CoversOlney
1Jennifer ThompsonUp the Garden PathRoyal Windsor
9Jane HaasAutumn AnticsWokingham
16Melanie SmithPostcards from FranceEarley
17Tan Strong (N)To be advisedSandhurst & Crowthorne
28Lesley SturdyAround the WorldThames Valley

November 2019

5Martin CrossleyTo be advisedRoyal Windsor
6Lorraine SaundersMagic MomentsSandhurst & Crowthorne
13Sarah MotleyA Day in the Life of a Flower GirlWokingham
20Doug Howard (N)Sparkling WishesLey Hill
20Pam Lewis (N)We wish you a Merry ChristmasEarley
25Nigel Wyles (N)Deck the HallsThames Valley
26Nick GroundsBah HumbugOlney
28Lorena Dyer (N)A Christmas WishOxford

December 2019

3Coral GardinerCountry ChristmasRoyal Windsor
4Sally HardyDeck the HallsSandhurst & Crowthorne