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Club Demonstrations 2019

 Club Demonstrations 2019

Listed below are demonstrations that are being held in the area by month:
 (T) indicates tickets are required.  Visitors most welcome.
** indicates the meeting is at a different venue to the normal monthly meeting
Further details on the relevant club page or Club Special Events page

June 2019

3Stephanie CornellSources of InspirationBooker
3Gill MillsThe Music of FlowersBanbury
4Kyoko ReganTo be confirmedBourne End
4Graham KingAbsolutely BonkersWoodley
4Gill MillsMusic of FlowersStony Stratford
4Sharon BadgerThe Midas TouchOlney
5Morgan DouglasBotanical CoutureSandhurst & Crowthorne
6Carol BennettAll Kinds of EverythingBramley & Romans
6Melanie SmithPostcards from FranceHarmondsworth
6Jackie PageI came across a fallen treeHolyport
10Jackie PageGoing Just a Bit PottyMortimer
10Gill McGregorSummer SensationBladon & Woodstock
11Katherine KearRosabundanceNewbury
12Sharon BadgerIn a Dream WorldCaversham
12Claire BryantSpace OddityBracknell
12Graham KingMad about FlowersWokingham
13Carol BennettMid Summer MadnessSonning
18Emily BroomheadTo be confirmedChieveley
18Jackie PageFlight of FancyWantage
19Gill McGregorFlair with ColoursGerrards Cross
19Lorraine SaundersFlowers Through the AgesRiverside
19Lesley SturdyChanging TimesHigh Wycombe
24Jennifer ThompsonUp the Garden PathChalfont
24Eleanor BrackenBlooming JuneAylesbury
24Lorraine SaundersFlowers through the AgesFinchampstead
24Lucy Ellis (N)Opera goes to the MoviesThames Valley
25Carole StablesWedding WondersBicester
25Stephanie PeniketTo be confirmedChalgrove
25Siobhan and LesleySummer CelebrationsMaidenhead
26Anna StevenSalad DaysThame
27Jane BelcherIntermingledFour Ends
27Nick Grounds (N)The MaterialistOxford

July 2019

1Kyoko ReganFirework FestivalsBooker
2Vijay BhatiaOut of AfricaAbingdon
2Jane HaasGreen FingersStony Stratford
2Nadira BurkiDejavuWoodley
2Alison MountAn Artist's PaletteBourne End
2Jackie PageGoing Just a Little PottyRoyal Windsor
3Carol FerrisWish you were hereOld Windsor
3Julia RussettMy Life in FlowersCotswold
4Graham KingAbsolutely BonkersBramley & Romans
9Nick Grounds (N)The MaterialistNewbury
9Lorraine SaundersMore Magic MomentsTwyford & Ruscombe
10Lucia Dean TaylorPlaying with the PaletteBracknell
10Anne MillerHeads in BedsCaversham
10Elizabeth WaitAll the World's a StageWokingham
11Sarah HarperA Day in the Life of a Flower GirlSonning
16Sally HardyThis and TatChieveley
17Graham HarmerSummer SplendourGerrards Cross
17Stephanie PeniketWanderlustEarley
22Kate ThomasIt's a Flowery ThingFinchampstead
22Jane EllisTo be confirmedChalfont
23Stephanie PeniketCovent Garden InspirationsBicester
24Arnaud MetaineHalycon Days in HyderabadThame
25Daphne GrantA Planting we will goFour Ends
25Sue SmithsonTime to Celebrate SummerChipping Norton
25Sarah MotleySunshine always follows RainOxford
29Emma RemingtonA Life of FlowersAylesbury
29Sue TausigFloral Extravaganza Thames Valley
30Carol BlightonMy Life in FlowersMaidenhead

August 2019

1Sally HardyAnything GoesHolyport
6A Touch of VintageKatie BaxterAbingdon
6Graham KingWiggles and SquigglesRoyal Windsor
8Pam LewisSummers BountySonning
12Stephanie PenikettbaMortimer
14Jane HaasTo be advisedCaversham
19Beverly ShortAll the Worlds a GardenAylesbury
19Melanie SmithPostcards from FranceFinchampstead

September 2019

3Peter BodnarTo be confirmedWoodley
3Jackie PageGoing just a little bit pottyBourne End
3Jane FoxCome Fly with MeStony Stratford
3Linda SeabrookGreen Fingered Flower ArrangerOlney
3Glenis SmithWhat a Wonderful WorldRoyal Windsor
4Nina TucknottWood U Believe ItOld Windsor
4The CommitteeA Table ArrangementCotswold
4Carole StablesDIY SOSSandhurst & Crowthorne
5Denise BrightThese are a few of my Favourite ThingsBramley & Romans
5Kyoko ReganFirework Festivals in JapanHarmondsworth
9Marie MundayColours of AutumnBladon & Woodstock
10Jane HaasAutumn AnticsNewbury
10Jane BelcherIntermingledTwyford & Ruscombe
11Melanie SmithPostcards from FranceBracknell
11Robin WhiteThe Link is GreenCaversham
11Jane HaasAutumn AnticsWallingford
11Sue AstonMetalologyWokingham
12Siobhan PilkingtonTo be confirmedSonning
17Stephanie CornellMy Sources of InspirationChieveley
18Lorraine SaunderstbaHigh Wycombe
18Vijay BhatiaOut of AfricaGerrards Cross
18Sue AstonMetalologyEarley
18To be confirmedHow differcult can it be?Wantage
23Gill McGregorAutumn AdventureChalfont
24Christine PearceMusicalsBicester
25Jane HaasJewels and JemsThame
26Lynda StampChasing RainbowsChipping Norton
26Kyoko ReganFirework Festivals in JapanFour Ends
26Carol BennettAll Kinds of EverythingOxford
30Vijay BhatiaOut of AfricaAylesbury
30Margaret HealInspirationsThames Valley

October 2019

1Lorraine SaundersMagic MomentsWoodley
1Jane BelcherSeasonal TwistsBourne End
1Tony Brown (N)For the Love of FlowersStony Stratford
1Lucy AllanBetween the CoversOlney
1Sally HardyAnything GoesAbingdon
1Jennifer ThompsonUp the Garden PathRoyal Windsor
2Margaret WalkerOut of the AtticCotswold
2Lucy Ellis (N)Opera goes to the MoviesOld Windsor
3Jackie WatsonLet's Celebrate the SeasonHarmondsworth
7Ruriko KojimaThe Art of IkebanaBooker
7Louise RigdenFairy Tale FlowersBanbury
7Sally HardyThis and TatMortimer
8Lucy AllanBetween the CovesBrackley
8Sue TausigInteractive RainbowNewbury
9Jane BelcherIntermingle 2Bracknell
9Lorraine SaundersTo be advisedCaversham
9Stephanie PeniketInspiration from the Covent Garden Academy of FlowersWallingford
9Kate ThomasShades of Autumn Wokingham
10Jennifer ThompsonLife up the Garden PathSonning
11 (T) ** Jane Haas, Irene Manson and Alison MountSilver StarsGreys Flora
14Brigette MantonAn African ExperienceBladon & Woodstock
15Annette UrquhartTo be confirmedChieveley
15Anna StevensDo you see what I see?Wantage
16Sharon BadgerThe Midas TouchGerrards Cross
16Jackie PageGoing Just a Little Bit PottyRiverside
16Melanie SmithPostcards from FranceEarley
17 (T) ** Tan Strong (N)A time for GivingSandhurst & Crowthorne
22Stephanie CornellTo be confirmedChalgrove
23Jane PughDance the Night AwayThame
28Jo BromwichTo be confirmedAylesbury
28Lesley SturdyAround the WorldThames Valley
28Carol BlightonBlossom and BeesChalfont
28Sue AstonMetalogyFinchampstead

November 2019

4Gill McGregor (N)Christmas CharismaBanbury
5Carol BlightonTo be advisedAbingdon
5Stephen McDonnellTo be advisedBourne End
5Martin CrossleyTo be advisedRoyal Windsor
6John PaulThoughts of the SeasonOld Windsor
6Lorraine SaundersMagic MomentsSandhurst & Crowthorne
7Jennifer ThompsonUp the Garden PathBramley & Romans
11Julia RussettInspired ByMortimer
11 (T) ** Mig Kimpton (N)A Country ChristmasBracknell
12Arnaud Metairie (N)Precious GiftsNewbury
12Tracey Griffin (N)To be confirmedTwyford & Ruscombe
13Tan Strong (N)Christmas is ComingCaversham
13Sarah MotleyA Day in the Life of a Flower GirlWokingham
14Jane HaasChristmas DelightsSonning
15Susan SmithsonWishing you the Christmas you deserveCotswold
19Jackie PageFlights of FancyBicester
19Katherine KearThe Twelve DaysBrackley
19Carol FerrisChristmas with CarolChieveley
19Hans HaverkampTo be confirmedWantage
20Doug Howard (N)Sparkling WishesLey Hill
20Sarah MotleyAll I want for ChristmasHigh Wycombe
20Coral Gardiner (N)Festive HighlightsGerrards Cross
20Pam Lewis (N)We wish you a Merry ChristmasEarley
22Tracey GriffinSnowflakesFinchampstead
22Coral Gardiner (N)Seasonal SparkleWoodley
25Cathryn Brown50 Shades of … ColourAylesbury
25Nigel Wyles (N)Deck the HallsThames Valley
26Coral Gardiner (N)Seasonal SparkleStony Stratford
26Nick GroundsBah HumbugOlney
27Lucy EllisAll I want for ChristmasBicester
27Mark EntwistleDeep and Crisp and EvenThame
28Stephanie CornellContained DelightsFour Ends
28Lorena Dyer (N)A Christmas WishOxford
28Jackie PageTime to be JollyChipping Norton

December 2019

2Alison Mount'Tis the SeasonBooker
3Sandy Bailey (N)Christmas DelightsBourne End
3Woodley CommitteeTo be confirmedWoodley
3John Chennell (N)The Magic of ChristmasAbingdon
3Coral GardinerCountry ChristmasRoyal Windsor
4Claire BryantBring out the BlingOld Windsor
4Graham KingAdd a Little SparkleRiverside
4Sally HardyDeck the HallsSandhurst & Crowthorne
5Carole StablesChristmas with a DifferenceBramley & Romans
5Claire BryantBring out the BlingHarmondsworth
9Tracey Griffin (N)SnowflakesMortimer
10Theresa RodriguesGardens by the BayChieveley
12Gill McGregorTis the Season to be JollyFour Ends